Some variables I would like to see for camoflage

Hi, I have been working a bit on camoflaged fighters and thought that these things could help in making various kinds of camoflage:
camoflage_strength = DECIMAL (can be negative and larger than 1)
speed_penalty = DECIMAL (can be negative and larger than 1)

Actual camoflage_strength = camoflage_strength * speed_penalty ^ speed of ship.

If you have:
Fighter speed = 1
camoflage_strength = 0.7
speed_penalty = 0.85

Actual camoflage_strength = 0.6
chance to get hit without camoflage = 50 %
chance to get hit with camoflage = 20 %

Ofcourse I can’t speak of how “easy” it would be to implement or impact on AI, but it would enable us to create more interesting stuff.