song writing

I think the song writing is pretty cool as it is, but I would love to write “punk songs” or “classical songs”.

What are some people’s strategies for writing great music? I think I go for ones with lots of notes… and of course matching up colours.

I really like the arcade/simulation clash in this game.

different style songs would certainly be cool (as such, it would also be pretty cool to be able to say “my band plays only heavy metal” or “my band plays only acoustic jazz” and write songs accordingly)

Surely these types of features would add tremendously to the programming overhead but I think it could be possible… even if there were just 2 different songs for each style, one good and one poor… or maybe 3… just short songs, each measure could be a different riff with appropriate quality specifications (just as it is now with the bars and the colors only with sound) ~ hmm…

yeah, anyway; I just wrote about this [size=125]here[/size]