Song writting

I know inspiration and linking colors is how good a song can be, but is that it? Ex. if all my colors match up is the quality able to go up any higher, or is it worth mixing it around.

I find that even if the colours match, sometimes replacing one song peice with another (even if they are the same colours) can increase or decrease song quality. I think it may have something to do with how many notes are in each peice (the more the better?) but again, I can’t seem to pin it down.

Also, will the band members become tired of a song no matter what? I took an old song from 55% to 70% and still they complain about it!

more notes the better! make sure you are inspired before doing any song writing. Also, once you have written a good number of songs, there is the chance to write ‘hit’ songs. People never get bored of them :smiley:

Yep, more notes in a single piece = better song quality.

The best pieces I have found so far are three notes linked together and then a single note. They are better than “two and two” pieces. You can get more pieces (and thus have more chances of having good ones, or at least some where the colours match) by listening to other bands gigs and listening to records.

Also, sometimes a swap between two pieces which are the same in colour and number of notes will change the quality of the song. Don’t know why or how, but it’s worth a try to swap them around a little.

Also, the band members seem to get better and better at writing songs as time goes on. I don’t know if it’s a consequence of increasing their music skill or if there is a hidden songwriting skill that increases as they practice.

thanks guys, the more note thing helped a lot. =)