songwriting, redux


Long-time lurker, love the game.

Just a quick question. My character is 100% with every instrument except sax, 100% bass-guitar performing experience, and I think close to 100% music performance experience (could be making that value up), completed the basic singing course, and was even invited to an event to perform with a band onstage. Thinking of my favorite acts, I dumped her boyfriend to make her miserable enough to write a good song :blush: (because she clearly has loads of musical experience). But that didn’t work. Is there some other skill she’s missing? I’m puzzled.

I love these stories :smiley: Let me look at the code…


guitar piano and saxophone are what determines how quickly you write a song, but its the extreme of mood which will affect the actual quality. So quality wise, you want to be as close to 0 or 1.0 as possible each night you work on the song.

Will try! Thanks!

I know that itz not realy…uz know
but how can I get experience´, for example with the sax???

Keep smiling luv y’allz

urz Little Miss Sunshine