Can somone make a job with no stress at all??? and everyone has all this cool stuff but where do i go to download it?

can som one please help me

Hello, I won’t create a new job, but I’ll help you edit the jobs file to reduce stress.

First thing you should do is find where the Kudos game folder is, then go in the data folder and then simulation folder. Find the jobs.csv file and open it in Notepad. For an example of what to do:

The first job you get is Waiter/Waitress, the stress for this job is 0.04, change this to 0.01. And for a Human Rights Lawyer the stress is 0.65, you can reduce that to anywhere from 0.64 to 0.01. The same goes for any job.

You should back up the jobs.csv file somewhere else in case you mess up.

Also having pets reduces stress as well.

oh wow thanks alot very helpful