Sound corruption at high speed

When I begin to speed up the game the sound becomes corrupt as game speed goes up until it becomes static, does anyone else have the same problem?

some sound cards do this, but its fixable, go to options and turn off ‘pitch shift sounds’ and it will work fine. Unfortunately I haven’t found an easy way to detect automatically if a card has trouble with this feature.

It’s not just some soundcards, it’s the most popular enthusiast soundcard (audigy), it could be fixed with proper coding, the “it’s your soundcard” sounds really bad when it is really a lack of proper coding and testing on the cards. But thanks for the info! I really believe in what you’re doing and bought Space battles, I was weary because I tried the game before and crashed a lot, it still crashes once in a while but not as often but still annoying.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple, because I use a third party sound library, so I don’t have access to the code that is causing that issue. It’s true, they really should be able to detect stuff like that :frowning:

I understand, time to look into another sound library or maybe you can ask creative/support? Maybe they would be willing to help? I’m not sure what their developer relations are like but maybe they have their own library you could use? I support you because I understand what you’re trying to do, lessons learned all around though. That’s why I love reading post mortems @gamasutra about trials and tribulations of game devleopers, making games is lifesucking and time consuming for devs but I always find the lessons learned interesting. IMHO it has a lot to do with the immaturity of the industry as a whole and tools to help prevent common problems in game development. I’ve always thought if I went back to redo a carreer, I’d do devleoper tools to make their lives easier, because it really comes down to needs not addressed on the PC and the market is wide open I’m certain. :slight_smile:

Damn, I had the feeling reading through the forums but hoped it wasn’t the case, but seems like the game has some issues with the audigy cards :frowning:

I hope this ends up being fixable somehow on some end.

What’s the cost of miles sound system?

lots. But I’ve used miles in the past and found it inferior to the system I currently use :frowning:

Well that sucks… no biggie maybe you should disable pitchshifting when you recognize an audigy is there? Since because I can see, it feels like the feature is there and is supposed to work, but it is a matter of perception. You can perhaps grey it out or disable the options from displaying? I think that might be the smart move until it gets fixed, then users don’t feel that “it’s a feature that is broken”, so disable it/remove its presence until it’s ready to be added back in.