Sound Effect Zoom Levels

I find that the zoom levels I like to play at (the 1st or 2nd) have no sound effects. Could we please have sound effects at all zoom levels? The infantry voices are fine at the zoom level they’re at. It’s the weapons and explosions I’m interested in. :slight_smile:

I agree with this.
I prefer to play zoomed as far out as possible, but the weapon sounds are barely audible at that zoom level.

Perhaps add an option like “effect volume based on zoom level”?
Having the option on produces the current behaviour, but turning it off makes the effect volume always match the volume when zoomed in.

By the way, since I’m new here and haven’t said this yet: it’s a great game so far. :slight_smile:

Yes. I noticed this too and would like to hear at least some pew pewing even when I’m as far up as possible.

Sadly, this as been in effect ever since GSB.

Yes, it bothered me in GSB too, but since Cliffski isn’t working on it anymore, we can only request it for GTB.