sound error #23, 37 & 36

Hi folks,

i am having a problem with a crash that occurs when i am a minute or so into a battle that seems related to a sound. the error says…

error-fmod[failed to create sound] (23) file not found:/development/positech/GSB/GSB…/src code 23rd Jan 2010/gui_sounds.cpp831

and another two follow with different beginings that go…

[failed to rescue sound] (37) invalid parameter was passed to this function

and also…

[failed to loop sound] (36) an invalid object handle was used

anyone have a suggestion ? thanks -Jan


Hello there! Have you just recently bought the game, or have you owned it for a while and not gotten it auto-patched to current standards? The latest version of the game is 1.56, which you should see at the top-right corner of the screen when you first start it.

What was the name of the scenario you were playing?

Which race were you playing in that battle?

Which race was your opponent?

That part I bolded makes me think it might be a fault in the user interface. Just brainstorming a bit here. Of course Cliffski, the designer, is the oracle and the final arbiter in these matters; he built all of this. :slight_smile:

1st it was with the nomads and then the swarm. it seems to happen every time a new weapon type that didn’t come with the original game gets fired. -jan

This sounds to me like a problem with sound card drivers. Make doubly sure yours are updated and installed correctly. GSB uses fmod for sound processing, which is used by a lot of games, so it’s pretty solid. It sounds like either there is a driver bug, or a corrupt file / problem with accessing files on the disk for some reason. Check you have some free disk space, no viruses or malware and your PC isn’t suffering from extreme drive fragmentation. (defrag it :D)