Sound Error Crashes Game

When I initiate a battle, and my ships finish warping, this error comes up:
ERROR-FMOD[Failed to create sound] (23) File not found.
:…\src\GUI_Sounds.cpp 661

Could possibly be caused by a missing sound file needed by the Uni-T mod? Let me try it without Uni-T…

If you’re having trouble with the Uni-T mod, head over to the Modding forum and post in Darkstar’s thread…if something in his mod files is misconfigured, he’ll want to know.

Indeed it is. Doing so…

:…\src\GUI_sounds.cpp 661
is what I get when I try to start.
My computer, however, doesn´t have a sound card.

I have this some times happen while playing winamp. and its annoying. But I go to the sound card device window disable and then enable the sound card and it works once more. It will sometimes also do it without winamp running at all. So I just do this in the mean time to help me et it working once more.

WinAmp, eh? So you’re saying that GSB now kicks the llama’s ass??? :smiley:

ROFLOMA, Naw its more like the Lliama is kicking GSB’s ass as it will play just fine, and GSB will crash out with a soundcard error, to me it sounds like the lliama is not shairing the sound card to GSB.

That’s such a strange situation…I used WinAmp as my default media player for years (thank you, Nullsoft) without ever experiencing it hogging my sound card and not wanting to let my games in there. It’s really puzzling!