[SOUND MOD] New dead shield sound


nothing much, nothing special, just a different shields down sound effect. put this in your data/sounds folder.
shields_fail.ogg.zip (28.6 KB)


I enjoy this cool sound. It sure has that aura of “my friend, you are well and truly F’d now!” about it. :wink: Thanks.


thanks. :smiley:


Yeah, it’s pretty good. More sounds would be apprecitiated, there are too few in the game. Needs more variation.


Yeah, I like it too.


my sound, or the others? :confused: (BTW i’m talking about von bork’s previous message)


The game itself needs more sounds, after awhile they get boring.


ah. well, good to see my sound sounds good. :smiley:


That sounds a damn much better than the current one. I always wanted to have a better sound for shields down. The current stock one sounds so … toy like. This sounds as it should be.


thx. :smiley:


hybrinoid, are you planning on making more?


Yeah, find some nice explosion effects and some weapon fx as well.


yeah, i have more. here’s a cruiser death explosion. a little more gratuitous than the current one, methinks. put this in your data/sounds folder.
explosion_destruction_cruiser2.ogg.zip (38.2 KB)


You know what… That won’t be good for your speakers when you are totally zoomed in and a ship blows up. Your whole room blows up at the same time too. You could tone the volume level down a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:


no, unfortunately, i can’t. i don’t know how. :frowning:


you know, maybe i should just put my whole sound folder on mediafire and post a link or something… nah. new rebel music.


comments? you like or not?


heck, i’ll just post some new music in a different topic…