Soundless lasers.

I just noticed a bug with infantry lasers.

I played the first mission - (the defense-only “tutorial” -type level.) And placed some squads of Veteran Laser Infantry in the trenches and bunker closest to the enemy spawn-point. As I zoomed closer to the ground, I noticed that their weapons were completely soundless! All the other sound effects appeared to be working properly - the noises the laser rays made when they were absorbed by enemy shields, the gunfire from nearby Machinegun Commandos, the robotic noises the mechs made as they stomped about - just not laser rifles! This was particularly noticeable when my Veteran Laser Infantry faced off against enemy Veteran Laser Infantry. Both sides engaged in a completely silent firefight where the only noises made were death-screams and “hit”-sound effects. The actual weapons were completely silent. As I just noticed this bug completely by accident, I do not know if the bug is old or new.

My specs:

Two "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680"s in SLI.
“Intel Core i7-3960X”.
64-BIT “Windows 7 Ultimate”.
“Creative SB X-FI Titanium”. (Latest drivers.)

Game runs from a standard, non-SSD-drive.

I have tried playing the sound both through a set of “Logitech G930”-headphones, (Latest drivers.), and “Logitech X623” -speakers.

Hi there, this is actually by design, rather than a bug, because there are so many thousands of infantry weapons going off in big battles, that beam laser sounds from infantry quickly ‘swamp’ the sound spectrum and sound way too confusing, so they are currently muted…

I see. That’s a bit of a shame. Is there really no other way around it?

Just out of curiosity, is there anything like a text-file or something I can find and manually edit just to see what they are like?

not pure text but you could maybe edit the modules csv file to copy the sound from the bigger lasers to the small-arms, not 100% sure if that will work or not offf the top of my head…

Thanks for the replies.