Sounds take way too much space - its more than 50% size of game

Sound clips, that last for 10 seconds should be around tens to few hundreds of kbs, not few megabytes.

You could safely halve game size by compressing those sound files.
Bit rate of 2116 kb/s is way too excessive as if you weren’t using compressed format.

@cliffski I think you wouldn’t lose sound quality, if you compressed it by 80% :stuck_out_tongue:

The game is under 1 GB. Is this really an issue? Also I’m not an audio expert but I’ve heard that it’s fairly common for games to ship with uncompressed audio as AFAIK lossless audio compression doesn’t exist. Could it be that cliffski just wants higher quality audio?

Size is not issue if you don’t use limited data plan and have fast internet. :smiley:

I meant that sounds is majority of game size, while sounds are least important part.
Game size is artificially inflated now.

Audio is a large fraction of the file size for most games, even games that have a lot of high fidelity graphics textures tend to also need many gigabytes for audio files. This game is still smaller in size than most though.

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It shouldn’t be too tough to compress these files, but I’m not a programmer. What I do know is that lower end PCs, like those with only 2 cores prefer having uncompressed files for audio as it increases their performance. This is one of the reasons why Titanfall 1 was over 50 gigabytes as all their audio files were uncompressed. This must be the reason why Cliff keeps them uncompressed, so that 2 core pcs don’t see a performance drop. I’m not a 100% sure here, so Cliffski Comradeski can weigh in here.

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