Space Battles not working under Mac OSX 10.6.8


I recently got the game via humblebundle and it’s working awesome under linux.
However I wanted to play it on my Mac aswell.

I downloaded the dmg from humblebundle, installed it, run it.
Here comes the issue, it starts fine but the only menu that doesnt hang the system is the Exit menu.
If I click on anything else, like even Manual or Options, the screen gets a blurr-effect and nothing else happens. No keystroke other than Apple-Q (for quitting) is taken care of. The mouse is still free and CPU idles around.

I’m running a MacBook Pro, 2,26 Ghz Dualcore, 4GB RAM, screenresolution big enough, Space Batlles Full 1.62.0.
(Oh what an irony that it works perfect on my really old lenovo x60s… just gfx needed to be set on absolute minimum)

Is there anything I can do for debuging it?
I searched the app-directory and there’s no logs or debug information anywhere…

Thanks for your help

Send us an email at support -at- redmarblegames -dot- com and we’ll try to assist.