Space Expenditure Should Affect Defence

I think that there should be some link between space expenditure and defence. Judging by how military;s depend on their space networks for a whole host of things. Spying, communications, navigation, etc. So, this should affect Intelligence agencies too. I’m just not sure what the effect should be? A reduction in military costs? Something else?

Private Space Industry should play a role.

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I think I once mentioned somewhere about the opposite being true as well. Military/intelligence spending and research can often overlap with space exploration, often to a significant degree.

For example, the NSA once gave spy satellites to NASA: 2012 National Reconnaissance Office space telescope donation to NASA - Wikipedia

And on top of that, most of the early space programs of both the US and Soviet Union used technology originally developed by the military for nuclear/non nuclear missiles.

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There’s nothing in the code that should prevent an interconnection between them.

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