Space/Mars programs: more events

I’d love to see more events/consequences related to the space/mars programs. Maybe some events can be programmed in to kick in once the mars landing/mars base gets started, or the space station kicks off.

Events may include:

A disaster that kills the crew or wrecks some equipment (or both), resulting in a hit against patriotism

A rival nation wants to work with you, or other nations want to start an international station/mars landing program: you can choose to go it alone, or to join the international effort

One of your astronauts makes a splash on social media (similar to Chris Hadfield), increases technology advantage, patriotism

Successful landing on Mars / space station: boost to patriotism, tech advantage, etc

Military involvement in space program: kicks in if you have a highly funded military/intelligence organization: rival nations accuse you of using your space program for military/intelligence as well as research purposes: option to de-militarize the space program (boost international relations, hit against patriotism) or to coordinate your space program with the military-industrial complex

Thanks for reading and thanks for all your work on this game


Ha, these all sound like cool ideas to me :smiley:

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Also: Foreign relations and patriot approval.
(Why foreign relations? Chris Hadfield is universally liked around the globe I think)
(why patriot approval? It’d be silly if your chances to win an election actually dropped as a result of now having more patriots because of an event patriots liked)