Space Stations

Not sure if this has been brought up before but It feels like having Space Stations would be at home in the Galactic Conquest mode.

This is mainly because I hate leaving planets undefended, but it would be nice if a new kind of hull was created (Eg space station + its variants).
The space station would have ample hardpoints and modules and may even have some weapons and armor (and weapons) specifically made for its use only.
Of course, the space station could only be built at space stations and then it would have to be “sent” to where its going. Once it’s deployed it can’t be undeployed, only scrapped.
Just my two cents.


That would also give campaign home world battles much more of a challenge/meatiness! And they could give certain bonuses but they would be exorbitantly expensive :smiley:

generally i just use a dreadnought hull from a mod i downloaded and use that as my battle station maybe put 1 thruster on it just to deploy it to other locations

Space Stations are not needed since the only difference between space stations and big cruisers (dreadnoughts) is only the speed (no speed) , power output and the number of slots. And of course, integrity bonuses and maybe armour bonuses ( The basic material of the hull is the same that any big cruiser, but in game u will need to make the space station more hard to kill that any cruiser). Wat i mean is that space station uses the same modules as cruisers, for example. Maybe space stations should have specific modules, like cruiser repair - tech (it will be needed to add a cautious special order to cruisers for going to repair like fighters), but all of this is too much just for the imagination xD.