Spacewarrs RPG

This is to make the first forum game on here.

The idea is simple. You begin with a fighter spaceship. Each round, you get 1 upgrade point, and more for each enemy you cream {depends on size, beginning at 2}. These ships can be upgraded, resulting in new potentials in a simple fasion.

When we are in battle mode, nobody can enter, only RP their actions with their spaceships. Further, you cannot use pts during a battle.

Buying a new fighter would cost 5 points, and all you do to upgrade is choose a category and a tech variant. As you advance your ship, new tech variants would eventually emerge. I will say the point cost to upgrade your ship

You begin with 15 points to spend initually as well.

Ship Components:

Ship Size
Ship Habitats

Initual Techs:


Weapon - Energon

I accept that and will purchase it.

Hulls - Modern

I will purchase basic hulls.

Engines - Energon

This is also purchsed.

Thrusters - Nuclear

This is my final purchase.

I will also buy another fighter, and get the same upgrades.

I like the idea but you need to be lable more out for hte point system so others will know how to do it more rules more rules. you have a bunch of dummies out here, and can not read minds.

its easy. All you need to know is how to pick a tech and a component. I would say the results and their costs.
Then when we are ready for a battle, we go into that mode.

If you know the results, then just say how you spent in such fasion, deducting the pts. But you must have an acutal intent to buy those things, or at least choose things with a plan in mind.

But one law only exists. Some things cannot be upgraded dependant on the situation.

… ignored like USUAL. HMPH.

another bump. See how disgusted I am?