Speed cameras stat

Speed cameras affect motorists twice. That should probably be fixed.

Ooops, that should be income in one case, I’ll fix it… Thanks :smiley:

While this policy is being discussed, I would like to add that the popularity of this policy with motorists shouldn’t be linear. I don’t think most motorists will get too bent out of shape over cameras in school zones, while heavy handed implementation will cause severe public outrage. I have seen first hand an election swing over these things.

In 2001 in British Columbia, Canada, the incumbents were already in trouble over money scandals, but what really slammed the lid on any chance of them winning was the sudden and heavy handed implementation of photo radar across the province. The party that implemented that shortly before an election (they must have thought it was a vote buying policy or something) went from 39 seats to 2 seats.

Here’s some source material:
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Br … _elections