Speed problems

Erm, I’ve not updated for a few patches but last time I played in any depth was probably 1.3 apart from general ui tinkering and messing with ship designs. Anyway I seem to have a problem where everything stutters and goes choppy as hell and it’s like playing warcraft with 2k of lag as soon as I turn the game speed up past 1.0. It worked fine before but obviously I can’t tell what patch broke it. When it’s running at normal game speed then it’s fine and there’s no slowdown at all. I did check the other threads but nobody else has mentioned this that I know of but surely I can’t be the only person who turns it up to get the battle running quicker?

Also when are the menu battles being turned back on. Or are they not? I liked watching that going on in the background rather than a static title screen. It would be seriously cool to have GSB run as a screensaver as well but i’ve mentioned that before so i wont harp on it.

You need to uncheck pitch shift sounds in the options menu.

You’re absolutely right - thanks a lot. That worked fine.

Now can we have the menu battles back as well :slight_smile: