Speed slider woes

I play GSB on my Mac by using Parallels. It’s a decent machine (Core 2 Duo) with a decent amount of RAM (512 Mb assigned to the VM). When I play the game at 1x speed, I can turn everything on and it is gorgeous with with a perfectly good framerate, silky smooth animation, spectacular explosions and so on. When I speed up the game to 1.2x, the framerate drops to somewhere around 5 and I wish I were exaggerating. The only time this doesn’t happen is if the fleets haven’t met up yet, so I can up the speed to 2 or 3 if the fleets are slow just to get them into range.

Does anyone else experience anything like this? Does screen resolution have anything to do with it? (My mac, naturally, has a somewhat non-standard 1680x1050 display and I play full-screen) Is there a memory limit to where a small amount of additional memory would be a big gain?

You’ll most likely fix that by unchecking pitch shift sounds option.

Yep, that totally fixed it.