Spinning Is So much cooler than not spinning

I was wondering (Yes the topic subject is a reference to SG ep 200) if, like with Empire (Theyre so cool!) it was possible for their ships to TURN but not actually move, like Starbases! I know u can make em fromation on a nonmove ship but i wonder if its possible just to make it rotate but not move so I dont have to have a nonmove ship cos sometimes u cant use em.

Huh… ?? im afraid thats not possible. Empire has the same engines as every race… engines = move = turn, no engines = no move = no turn.

You can make ships that can move and turn, they’ll need engines for that.
You can make ships that can’t move nor turn, ships that don’t use engines or with -100% speed boost.

You can only have one of those. You can’t make something that turns and at the same time doesn’t move, not in GSB :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… ignoring knock back of insanely overpowered weapons. Those only make ships move but not turn, and you need to be shoot by the enemy.

what if the ship had -99% speedboost? it would move very vey slowly and turn.

Yeah so? xD. If u put negative bonuse to speed, yea the ship will be slooooow but it will the same thing.

but it would spin but barely move. This creates the desired effect.

w/eva thx anyways