Spiralling motivation loss

I have a problem that around four years one of the members of my band will get stuck in a cycle of motivation loss. Gigs and media apperances won’t snap them out of it, in fact there doesn’t seem to be any solution as no matter what happens they will eventually start missing gigs and then quit, despite all the other band members being normal.

The only solution I have found is to fire someone as their motivation starts to bottom out, if you keep them on you just might end up with a huge cash problem if they skip a gig.

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… also sometimes, if one/any/all of your bandmembers experience depression, when you [size=75](save your progress and then)[/size] exit the game and start it again everyone will be happy again
[size=84](maybe they just don’t like playing for hours at a time… sometimes the characters need a break, too)[/size]

giggle That’s cute!