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very true, i once found out that this guy had created, and i am not exaggerating, 19 different accounts, all posting in a forum that halo reach would be awesome. i mean, i like halo reach, and i think it indeed it will be awesome, but you dont need to create 19 bloody accounts to say it! anyway, the point is, say your opinion, be polite, and dont constantly shout it out. it actually alienates people, rather than attracting them. i mean if thats your goal, than go right ahead, because, its like brilliant for pissing people off, but please, please, dont spam stuff. its just gratuitous

That’s insane. It’s not like Microsoft don’t have much of a PR team to do that…

yeah really, its getting really annoying when you get constantly bombarded by ads for games, i just saw like 3 when i was watchin the Empire Strikes Back (the only really good Star Wars film). anyway, ironically, bungie banned him for spamming threads

In Spanish:

noticias.lainformacion.com/cienc … k4JqgWbI6/

I have tweeted it for this website I help administer

theoldergamers.com (TOG)



I bought this game on steam, and spent the weekend it was on sale convincing everyone I could to also buy it. At the steam sale price it was worth evangelizing. At the current non-sale price I have a very hard time recommending more than the demo. I don’t know what the steam overhead is, but bringing down the price even to the $10 range would strongly influence how well I can push the game onto my friends.

Do you have any other banners we can use, or is positech.co.uk/blog/winner.jpg the only choice?

There are some old banners made by Cliff here, but I didn’t like them at all (sorry Cliff, I prefer the one from the contest :P).

Just put the word out in a thread on GaiaOnline.
Hope it draws in some more possible pilots.

There could never be too many Social Media locations Cliff can post.

Cliff, I did find your Twitter account and following, but I’m wondering if you were going to set up a GSB twitter that would automatically post tweets from your news updates?

Better later than never?
I have a post discussing GSB scheduled to appear tomorrow morning* on my blog: giantbattlingrobots.blogspot.com/

  • just changed to about 6 AM GMT.

That’s fantastic, I recognise that blog, I’m pretty sure I’ve read some stuff there before,Thankyou.

My pleasure. Thanks for a great game to write about! :slight_smile:

As a new player, I heard of the game via word of mouth, tried it, and loved it.
I know I’ve persuaded some of my friends to play, but I’ll show support and spread GSB around! Thanks for the game!
(I’d love if the campaign went to steam when it’s finished:) )

I love this game! As a child I would create space battles on paper, drawing fleets on both sides and using a 4 color pen and a ruler to draw out the lasers. Eventually the sheets of paper would be completely filled with lines and explosions and would be totally incomprehensible, like someone went crazy and just scribbled like mad for 20 minutes on a sheet of paper. Thanks for the game, really brings back fond memories from an earlier time.

I think this is a great game that I keep coming back to so I’m telling all my gamer friends about it. I hope a few will give the demo a try because that is all they’ll need to get hooked!

Added the banner to the forums that I use, I hope to see continued development of GSB.

I’ll see if I can make a banner. I’ll post in a few hours.

This game is a heap of fun! Told 3 of my mates to buy and I’m sure they will.

Keep up the good work!


Quick preview- it’s probably 25% finished:
The thing is going to be a popup banner (the planet and star). That was a screenie from 50% zoom. There’s some more on the right but I’v barely done anything there.