Sprite and other Stuff

I have designed a new bitmap data for the atlantis Bomber but, when the ship start it get white

Here is a part of the file:
classname = fighter
name = Rebel Atlantis Bomber N
guiname = Rebel Atlantis Bomber N Hull
sprite = Rebel Atlantis Bomber.dds ( when it´s changed it get´s white)
damagetexture = Rebel Atlantis Bomber_damaged.dds
hulktexture = rebel_hulks.dds

what i must change that it works with sprite damage and so on?

  1. U must save the sprite with transparency (the background must be transparent).
  2. U need 2 sprites → the main one, (for example myship.dds), and the “sprite” one (for example myship_sprite.dds) be sure when u save those sprites that the format is the same as any example u can find.
    The damage sprite on fighters is optional, i mean if u dont make any damage sprite u will not see damage textures on the fighter, but it will work just fine.
  3. Once u finished with those sprites, u need to make the hulk sprites, open the rebel_hulks.dds file and if u have space there , u need to copy/paste 4 copys of the main sprite (of course in the correct scale, u can see the examples in the same file) and after that u need to make some work on em, erasing parts and stuff (so those 4 mini-sprites will be the ship hulks when it is destroyed).
  4. In the txt file → sprite = (the main sprite not the one who is called “xxxx_sprite”) damagetexture = if u are using damage sprites, put here the damage sprite, if not u can put here watever u want. hulktexture = the file in which u copied / pasted the 4 mini-sprites.
  5. And this is important → below those lines, u forgot the line hulkUVstart and hulkUVend, that indicates from where the game will pick the sprites of the hulk (in this case the mini-sprites u pasted in the rebel_hulks.dds file). hulkUVstart is the first mini-sprite and hulkUVend is the last mini-sprite, so for example if u make a new myrace_hulks.dds and u put 4 mini-sprites in top, u will need to put the value “0” on hulkUVstart and the value “3” in hulkUVend.

Of course, be sure all the references to dds files are correct, other way u will see a blank instead.

Anyways i recommend u to visit the first post of the forum


Here u will find a very good tutorials and advises for a lot of things that u need to know, and that way u dont need to ask every step about things that are mostly easier but hard to explain in only a few lines.
I hope this help u.