sprites of ships

I have a kind of hobby, i collect sprites from the best star ship games, i.e. flashtrek broken mirror, realspace 3, and now i would like some of grattuitous space battles because it is so awsome!

sprites FTW!


all the sprites are located in the game directory -> Data -> bitmaps -> ships. all of the ships are located in a race folder.

but i got the game from steam, and steam doesnot give them- so yah

i like the couler purple

Steam Doesn’t Give them??

are you sure?. look in the steam apps Folder for the game. because when i got DOW2 it installed in to a Subdirectory of the Steam Folder

mmk i was looking in the wrong folder, but i still cant find them… any seggestions?


EDIT: right… “ahem”…right, now i found the data but instead of the images i find folders, what do i do?
ignore avery random comment

EDIT OF THE EDIT: and the folders are empty

somehow use something to view DDS files or convert them ?

no their not DDS files
their just not even there

You’re looking in the wrong spot. But I’m curious… What do you plan to do with these files? “Collect” is kind of a nebulous term…

what are the names of the folders?

there should be data and inside there should be 17 folders (ships, Shipnames, Modules etc…)

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Ok seriously now, I wonder about why you collect them too, or is it a fetish of yours and was I right?

i just like them, ships look cool
im not smart enogh to use them for any games

and the folders are called exactaly what the ship classes are, but there empty

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