Stacking ships on top of each other? Normal?

Hi there, why is it that I can sometimes place ships on top of each other, and sometimes I can’t? Is this a bug or an exploit? Is it only in certain versions of the game? Are you meant to be able to place ships on top of each other or not? Can anyone help me figure this out? It seems really powerful! Thanks!

I’ve suspected it’s a bug/exploit on some maps. It’s actually not that great of an idea – ships crammed together will focus their firepower better but they also move slower and get hurt more by ship explosions.

It seems to work great if the ships dont actually HAVE any engines! Just give them long range weapons, and it makes some maps trivially easy…

I assume its a bug, it can be accomplished when mass deploying ships close to each other, TBH I think it should be removed from the game.

Where do I go to report the bug officially? Also, has anyone figured out WHICH missions you can do it on and what makes them similar?

I am aware of the bug, it will get squashed at some point.

dang. i actually enjoyed it a little. :smiley: too bad you couldn’t mass deploy on it tho.

Will you make an obvious, official announcement somewhere (before you fix it, I mean) that this IS actually a bug, and not a feature, and that if we want to play the game as you intended, we should avoid using this exploit on the maps where it is possible? Knowing that would’ve changed how I played the game.