Stacking ships ><

I’ve downloaded a couple of the chalenges with a harder difficulty.

It just seems like people are stacking ships to tack the same place in the map. As in there will be 7 tribe ships dircetly on top of eachother so you only see one.

Seems a bit of a lame way of doing a challenge.

Am I the only person who feels this way, or are folks just using it as a tactic cos it’s now the norm.

I’d like a good difficult map with an “honest” deployment.

Not a a set of seemingly “single” ships able to launch 1000 missiles in a single volley, using a glitch to make it a one hit one kill system.

A recent patch made it much more difficult to stack ships.
So newer challenges should be more like small blocks of ships, rather than one large ships. It’s a slight improvement.

I like using the whole deployment area, personally. But then, I can’t even seem to beat some of the lower ranked competitive challenges so there ya go.

Stacking ships is silly and people who do it are silly.

Stacking ships is good tactics and people who did it when it was legal are smart. :slight_smile:

It seems to work because the stacked drivers will select the same target, preventing the fleet dispersing inconsistently. It seems to make the fleet more consistent against a range of deployments in SAC type missions. If the ships interacted less with themselves and the formation orders worked better (so the drivers each maintained their original orientation to the target) stacking would be less important.

Well stacking has been banned in challenges and tournaments for a while, so it doesn’t matter much.

Is that an agreed convention or can we stack to the limit the game mechanisms permit?

Cliff had made an effort to prevent stacking in 1.47, and there’s a consent here in the community to respect that.

Put in another way, we are tired of seeing a single pile of Utopia in the corner over and over again.

The only thing i’ve ever stacked (intentionally or unintentionally) are Fighters. As the targeting issue only effects the first pass, even WITH the “stay together” order!

Hey was that Challenge named Ketejan? I could have done that anyhow, trick is to just find that spot you know?
Just place a whole lot of cruisers on the map, then drag them all over eachother to find out wich spot’s the one.
They tried to eliminate this one before, but I’m happy to report they did nót succeed.
Reason why I’m happy? It allows for surprise attacks, you never know where the fleet concentrations are going to be, not for shure anyway.
You could fake having a concentration here (with cheap ships) and the oe! have a concentration there behind that ship that looks like a figher support carriër…
Perhaps you think I’m just attempting to inflate the attempt to victory ratio, and in that case I would just like to comfort you, YES I AM BUDDY yes I am

Stacking has never been legal. Exploiting a flaw i nthe game code is definitely NOT what I call a legal tactic, neither is it smart. It’s lame.

I think stacking makes SENSE for Fighters. After all, they’re so small it makes sense for them to stack up at least a LITTLE

I don’t see much point in arguing this now. We will just have to agree to disagree.