Standard bug report

Cliffski you should post a sticky thread on how to report bugs (screen shots, steps to produce, logs) so you don’t start to get duplicates and so you can differentiate between issues. Error 41 is showing up quite a lot but were producing it multiple ways.



Thats a depository for one error message but we were all producing it a different way. That error 41 might be a general error he programmed into the code whenever the game faults. He needs to post a standard way of posting bug reports, if we follow that we can prevent duplicate messages and close out threads that are resolved.

While in general I see your point and totally agree, I think this error 42 is a little different as everyone is getting it at the same time with no previous issues.

But again, in general, I totally agree.

I also think we need mods on this forum haha

Setting a process just makes everything go smoother and prevents duplicates. Especially since there is only one guy programming the game it can help to organize this as much as possible so he can spend less time reading posts and more time fixing issues that are actual bugs and not already fixed. And having moderators wont hurt, but its only day one :slight_smile: