Star Blazers 2013

I, amongst others here was very appreciative of (now long gone) Tater and his unfinished Star Blazers mod. The EDF and Gamilons have become the most used races in my little GSB world.

Since his work was abandoned, I was always hoping that someone would pick up from where Tater left the mod and complete it. Weapons such as the Wave Motion Gun and the Desslok Cannon were never coded.
After tinkerubg with GSB myself and reading the modding forums closely, I have decided to attempt to continue the work on the Star Blazers mod.
A few things to note:

  1. I do not pretend to be anywhere near as capable as Tater in making graphics.
  2. Progress will be slow - I have a four month old child to look after, amongst other things.

IN the meantime, I present my first hull. Desslok’s command ship:


I would like to thank for the raw images I intend to work off.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Another Star Blazers fan here – I wish you the very best of luck in this worthy endeavour. That is a damned fine mod to resurrect and then reimagine. :smiley:

As another fellow modder who’s attempted it, to fully shoehorn Star Blazers into the environment of GSB without doing violence to the playable balance or the creative vision of either SB or this game is not easy. After tater left, the more I explored what it would take to fully do justice to all aspects of the thing, the more of an un-navigable swamp it became for me.

For me, that was eventually part of the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back:

Those tremendous space-opera megaweapons are part of very heart and soul of Star Blazers. However, since actual firing-arc limitations are impossible in this game, and having decisive weapons such as the Argo’s WMG as a 360-degree gun instead of the canonical spinal-mounted, line-ahead-only weapon was likewise impossible, I regretfully walked away from the project. The total lack of a GSB gameplay mechanic that allows us to create a believable Wave Motion Gun beam-type weapon which also inflicts area-of-effect damage all along the length of the beam didn’t help my already-dented modding morale, either.

Same thing for GSB’s rather dodgy weapon-targeting AI – as if the 360-arc wasn’t bad enough, I wasn’t looking forward to my fleet’s anti-battleship WMGs wasting their initial arming cycle by gleefully targeting the very first enemy fighter that they saw, either. Cliff’s never going to fix this game’s AI enough to reliably prevent such wasteful targeting tomfoolery, so there we stand.

I can’t speak for you, mate, but for my own part it didn’t quite feel like Star Blazers if the key feature of the megaweapons could not be convincingly implemented. It was plain that there were many ways to quickly crank something out in a relatively casual fashion and brand it as a Star Blazers mod, but my own heart just wasn’t in the idea of doing it that way. I was tempted, though. :slight_smile: But due to the other above-mentioned reasons why any such mod was going to have some significant weaknesses in the actual gameplay, well, doing a top-quality job wasn’t going to be possible, either.

And if it wasn’t possible to make my own Star Blazrs mod canonically-faithful where it mattered, I told myself, then why was I bothering with it? This is where my decades-old commitment to the source material began to sink me. Sure, I could easily craft something akin to a “Star Blazers-inspired” mod with little strain on my part, but that wouldn’t be the same. Indeed, I had such an incomplete mod hanging in development hell for over two years as I whittled away at it from time to time. I found that it was intensely frustrating to be so thoroughly boxed-in, and after wrestling with myself about it for a long while I finally decided to concentrate on my other long-term modding projects instead. :frowning:

But all is not quite lost. Maybe, just maybe, perhaps some Star Blazers is better than no Star Blazers? That deserves examination. I would love it if you could somehow complete this treasure. I don’t know what your planned scope of work or intended level of detail is going to be, but I have to say that your announcement is interesting news. The modding road ahead of you has some rather rough spots; be prepared to go cross-country from time to time. I’d truly be pleased if you find a way to bid this particular phoenix to rise from its ashes. To paraphrase the first-season episodes, “Hurry, Star Force! There are only 364 days left to finish this mod!” :wink: Take care, mate, and enjoy the journey.


I’m familiar with the website you linked to. For you to have produced that as a final result from that site’s scanned-from-pencil-and-paper Star Blazers line drawings (many of which are typically of middling to below-average quality, alas) that date back across the decades, is a very impressive accomplishment. Well done!

I see that’s the original season-one version of the ship. Will you also be making use of the second-season version as well?

Thanks mate. You have very valid points, and not every issue can/will be addressed in a way that retains the true essence of SB. IN this mod, ‘close enough’ will have to be ‘good enough’. AS Praetors has shown, some creative number crunching in specs of various modules can get some results that I doubt Cliffski had though of, so there may be some hope yet.

I have an idea for the WMG/Desslok Cannon firing arc that I want to try out. If it works, I think that that particular issue will be addressed. The AOE issue is more complex and I think that blast radius from the impact is as good as we will be able to get. As previously mentioned, close enough will have to be good enough. I don’t think that depowering the WMG somewhat is a bad thing, if every battle was finished with a blast from the WMG, then the game would get a little dull and one sided. The game is reduced to fleets hanging on for dear life until the gun charges enough to fire.

Thanks again.

For now I will be only working with ships from the Iscandar series. Any more than that and the project becomes too large to manage.


Sydney experienced severe weather conditions on the weekend, with gale force winds and torrential rain.
My laptop was sitting by a window, and although the window was closed the water was forced in a tiny gap between wall and window and - you guessed it - directly on to my laptop. If it had been 20cm to the left or right there wouldn’t be a problem. My laptop is now dead.
I’m going to get myself one of the Microsoft Surfaces as a replacement, and since GSB son’t run on Windows RT yet, I’m officially out of GSB action for now. Let’s just say my cruiser has retreated while the nanobots make some repairs.
That’s doesn’t mean I will stop completely though…

Flavouredpickle has kindly offered to help out with the graphics side of things, and I will still be able to do some coding, however I will be getting other people to test the actual mod.

So that’s where it’s at for now - what a debacle!

Its a pity that the Windows Surface Pro has been delayed on its way to our fair shores. Because then you get your Surface and your GSB :slight_smile:

I look forward to the progress on this mod.

this world must hate star blazers

I think you’re right. Unbelievably, flavoredpickle’s graphics computer has died as well. This mod is cursed - but I’m determined to get it done.

Gentlemen, I present to you the first GAmilon ship. Thank you to flavoredpickle who put this together.
this is the Vindictive Class carrier from the first series. It attacked the Yamato/Argo on Earth.
Comments/feedback welcome.

Mogami Cruiser - more good work from flavoredpickle…

Now THAT looks nice! I like it! (the green one needs more details!)

Keep it up guys!

You fellows are off to a good start. :slight_smile: Hopefully the jagged edges on the preview version of the Gamilon carrier don’t also appear in the final product. That one objection aside, I do like these two sprites. If you put just as much attention into creating racially-distinctive turrets for both species’ fleets, this mod will indeed have a great amount of what made “the real thing” so memorable on TV as well as the movies.

I see your point, however this ship in series is pretty much as you see here - a green blob without much detail!

I think The edges are from the compression when I converted it to a jpeg to upload. Flovored pickle and I have talked about turrets, we (well he anyway) will be working on them soon.
Thank you all for your encouragement.

I am going to be adding non-canon details to the ships after the first release, right now i just need to get the base sprites done.

There seemed to be very little interest, so it languished.

I tried messing with it yesterday, only to have GSB updater to 1.62, then immediately get the dreaded “plumecenter…” crash. Apparently I need a fresh install, which I lack.

I’ve been reacquainting myself with my mod, and GSB files, and reading the forum again…

I realize that there were a few things I really wanted to do that the engine would not allow. The spinal weapons were one, and more limitations on modules (target size, etc), or fighters with actual ordnance, etc, kinda got me down.

Getting it to look OK, and vaguely work kinda works, but a game system more open to total replacement (for lack of a better term) modding would help. I’d like to make an alternate universe, but I need control of just a few things that I don’t. Sad since the stuff we do have control over is so very easy to work with.

Obviously I have not adjusted turrets, size, etc. Vindictive needs to be huge, right? Bigger than Yamato is long?

These guys were in there when I left off a few years ago…

Obviously I need an alternate turret version for Mogami (is that her name?)

I started on a deslok a while back, too.

Very useful…

I remember Okita’s ship as being a “battleship,” not a cruiser (Mogami is an IJN cruiser name). This calls her Kirishima, an old IJN BB.

Here is vindictive:

Welcome back, Tater. On behalf of all Star Blazers fans here, thank you for your mod - a lot of people got a lot of enjoyment out of it.
I think there was a lot of interest, just a discouraging lack of feedback. No disrespect to anyone, but that is the norm here. As Archduke Astro says, this forum is pretty quiet most of the time for all but a few threads.
I hope you approve of the work that we (mainly flavouredpickle to be honest) have done so far. It’s a slow process, I for one am busy at university and have a small child, and FP is a busy guy too. Putting the vindictive carrier in the game and posting a screenshot certainly has stoked the boilers to get the good hip SB 2013 underway again.

thanks again.