Star Trek: Into Darkness Mod (FIRST BETA POSTED 29/12/14)

My apologies. I did not wish to come off as lazy, or expecting anyone to do my work for me. What I meant to get across was, I focus on the main aspects - the designs, hulls, and whatnot - but I don’t possess the experience or time to go for a full scale techical mod. I am considering dialing down the balance, but I do have limited time to work on this - and I want to put out something - I just can’t guarentee techinical quality.

Thank you for the clarification. No harm done – we’re having a good exchange of views. We understand one another a lot more clearly now - you have my sincere thanks. :slight_smile:

Regarding your concerns about your own time-pressure, it’s almost always better to (conceptually) have a narrow but deep mod than it is to have a wide but shallow one. (Wide AND deep is best, but who has the time to build that???)

In order to help smooth the way for that, I suggest keeping the total number of hulls & ship items for each Star Trek race to a rather small number. That way, your eventual players can concentrate upon the raw excellence of performance in a few clear-cut choices of what to fly and what to arm & defend it with, instead of the players being offered a multitude of too-identical things that don’t provide enough tactical distinctiveness and utility. It also makes your future balancing efforts much simpler, yet no less effective. Huge sprawling mods that do not adequately highlight the actual differences (sometimes too few of those, but that’s another story) between its featured hulls, items, etc. are really difficult for players to enjoy.

Oh, and this little jewel from your very first post in the thread stands out to me:

Aha! :smiley: I recognize that particular way of phrasing things. Are you perchance a current or former SFB player?

Thanks for replying so quickly. Unfortunately, no, I’m not a SFB player. :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s sfb?

Starfarer maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

For those that are interested.
SFB, its a rather in depth strategy game set in the Star Trek Universe.

Just found out I have a lot of free time now, so I’ve begun to graphically overhaul the Federation starships. Now, they’re definitely on par with the stock ship’s resolution.

Little preview of the new ship graphics, with massive improvement in quality - unfortunately, the Vengeance Dreadnought doesn’t have any high res images to work from. Hopefully, that’ll be taken care of soon.

what’s the bottom left one

Judging from the caption for the frigates in the original post, it’s Kelvin class.


Here. Have this trailer I just vomited out.

For those seeking more Klingon, enjoy this new fighter hull.

Random idea popped into my head - the main drawback/attribute/balancing thing or whatever for these new ships could be an extremely large cost - the weaponry and engines are top notch, but a player can’t equal an enemy fleet in numbers or shields and hull if they’re using starfleet/klingons.

unlike Praetorian Industries.

sorry i just had too

I’m sorry if it’s already been done, but I haven’t really had a look at other large scale mods. It’s not plagarism, I just didn’t realise.

reworking my photon torpedos - torn between using traditional missles or custom bullets. The missles have more of a visual effect, but sometimes they don’t load and with the short trail of the photon it looks like they’re spawning from way in front of the ship. what should I use?

The downside of using a custom bullet is that it’s static - even just the flare on a missile pulses a little as it’s traveling. I always thought the GSB plasma sprites were fairly photon torpedo-like.

True, but the new photons really do just look like blue bullets. There’s not really much movement, from what we’ve seen of them.

Also, in the new movie, the Vengeance fires this drone looking thing that launches missles, similar to a MWM. I was wondering if there was any way to change the texture of a missle, then have it fire off multiple normal warheads.

nothing like that at all
that mod has some artillery cannon that have very long ranges, which did good damage and were cheap, you can see how that might be a little OP
however i think that in a recent update they’ve been nerfed

Sorry, I’ve been gone for what feels like forever.

In the wake of GSB 2’s development, I’ve decided to just focus up and give you the completed mod, hopefully by Christmas day - I can’t promise a complete set of Klingons, but what I can promise is a full, new Starfleet race, new modules with custom turrets, and hopefully new missions. If I figure out how to code them in a day or so.