Star Wars Mod Reloaded! (Unavailable)

Could be just Mediafire covering their butts, but you never know.
Well, Disney at least seems willing to continue past the original trilogy instead of rehashing the same old thing…

I would like to try this once more, Is it possible to host the mod at a site that would let you Or maybe use a torrent program and torrent it out? It is NOT fair to all the people that spent there time and effort into making this mod only to have there hard work stomped all over by stupid copyright laws. You are NOT getting any money from this mod, so they need to take there noses and put it elsewhere and allow us to make mods using there works PROVIDED we are giving them credit for it and no money is gained.

hm, at least a change in the error text:

This file is currently set to private.

When a file is set to private by its owner only the owner of the file can access it. If you are the owner of the file please log into your account to access this file.

That was because I set it to private while contemplating what to do next.

Unfortunately, copyright laws as they are make companies defend a copyright or they risk losing it.
I highly doubt Disney would like to do that after spending billions to acquire the franchise.
If someone wants to host it elsewhere, that’s fine. But I’d rather not tangle with the Empire,
so at least for the time being I’m taking the link down. :confused:

that’s too bad, since this mod was the reason for me to buy this game in the first place…

but perhaps there is one brave rebel out there to fight the empire and upload it?

I’m afraid that’s one empire that we stand no chance of beating.

i have the mod, but im not suer which folder i should upload

i suppose you speak of the already installed files? i think it would be difficult to extract all installed mod files manually, and the whole data folder is a bit large, not to mention that the developers of this game would definitely not like that…

Well, I kept the original mod folder, both compressed and uncompressed. I would upload it here, but it’s too large to do that.

developers of the game…?

ELABORATE what dose you mean by that

Ok, to clear up somethings here. I feel that Disney has a right to the trademark of Star wars now (boooooo!), But all the hard work that went into making this mod they have NO RIGHT to request it taken off the internet. IF they do then they would have to shut down EVERY Single other website that uses Star wars images, this is a GAME MOD that is free! Only the main game cost money to get and it has NOTHING to do with star wars Thus in my thought they need to get there grubby hands outa the cookie jar!

If i had a website I would host this mod, as with several other, And fight back the grabby hands of those that would see the content taken down.

But that is my two cents and sadly not many others see my point of view in matters like this.

Timothy “Lonestar” Seter

p.s. Why i sign with my real name? Because this is how a feel and I am not afraid of others finding me. (that and there is 3 of us floating around try to find the right on muhahahah!)

i dont think that disney had requested to remove the file, it’s just mediafire blocking files with copyright-protectet names, like ‘‘star wars’’.
cant really blame them, they surely dont want to end up like megaupload.
i also think its worth a try to upload the mod with another name, but i also cant blame anyone who is not willing to take that risk (if there is any)
thats just my opinion… the mod is just too good to be lost…

So I’m getting the attached error when starting one of the Star Wars scenarios. Other than that fine.

I’m aware the mod is now unavailable, but has anyone seen this error before and can help?


Yep. One of the weapons (can’t remember which one, think it’s an anti-fighter type cruiser weapon) is pointing to a sound file that doesn’t exist. Changing it to another sound file sorts the problem out. I’d be more helpful if I could remember the exact weapon…but you can find it yourself in the same way I did:

Try designing a ship in the tutorial mission with one of the star wats mod weapons, test it and if it crashes with the error when it reaches firing range, that’s the one. If not, quit mission and change the ship design to a different weapon and re-run.

When you find it, post it here like I should have done so anyone else with this mod can find the solution here.

Thanks! I’ll do that.

Does anyone still have a working version of this mod? If so PM, I am sure I can figure out how to give you a way to send it to me. After that all I can say is there is a reason I named after Luke Skywalker

i have the mod, but i don’t know if it was the latest release

(edit 6-21-2014 : sorry lost the mod, but theres a new star wars mod go check that out)

is this mod dead? i kinda hyped for the download

I know this is a longshot, but if somebody has this mod, could they upload it and put a link here? I had it and accidentally erased it. You would be doing me a big favor!

does anyone have the mod files if so can you upload them somewhere