Star Wars Mod Reloaded! (Unavailable)


are you working on any updates to the mod? my fingers are getting twisted into pretzels waiting again :smiley:


Emperor: You want updates… Don’t you? evil-lol

I am still working on updates I just don’t have much to actually post so far. Any thought on balance be it inidvidual hulls, modules or the race in general.
Feedback is always aprreciated. Not so much in Starcraft though. :smiley:


please dont use starcraft balance,i`d hate to see ships explode after 5 hits :stuck_out_tongue:
imho theres enough balance,ships are overpowered a bit but expensive so meh… i was more thinking along the lines of rebel,republic and CIS ships :stuck_out_tongue:

(besides, i dont care if theyre overpowered as long as i get to see the explosions ^^ )

edit: one more thing…
i seem to be getting quite a bit of graphical lag when looking at star destroyers (doesnt happen with the super one or with deathstar,or even with a full screen of “normal” ships), any idea why?


Aw, come on. Why not? Starcraft is awesome and we should spread the awesome everywhere including GSB. >_>
Just kidding. The only thing that will go pop in one shot in the mod is TIE fighters: they’re dirt cheap for that reason. :smiley:
Rebel and Republic ships should be out soon but right now the hulls are a mess in the loadout screen and they still need damaged and hulk gfx.
I haven’t had much luck hunting down decent shots or renders of CIS ships however. It’d be awesome if they could be added in, probably in the Imperial faction.

Does the lag occur only with the Imperial Star Destroyer class ships? And does it happen to ships you deploy or ones in the scenario?
I haven’t altered the .dds files for them at all since ghoti made them so I’m not sure what could be causing the issue.


everywhere,not just the scenario
and im not sure which,but definitely the largest star destroyer (not the Executor,the standard ones)
i never really used interdictors or victories alone,i`ll test it eventually,right now its 1:37 AM :stuck_out_tongue:

i got WinXP Pro SP3 32bit with Nvidia 8600 GTS if its relevant… so its prolly not a video card problem :stuck_out_tongue:
anyone else got this issue?


That is perplexing. Your hardware should easily be able to handle Star Destroyers if Executor poses no problems.
Try using A bunch of Interdictors and see if you get a similar problem.
They too use 1024x1024 size textures so if you get the same issue maybe that is the cause…


I get lag too when I use those star destroyers.


I don’t recall ever getting lag using those ships, but this should be fixed nevertheless.


Ok. I ran a few tests and there does seem to be a noticeable FPS decrease during large prolonged engagements. :frowning:
However, this issue does not seem to be limited to Star Destroyers or any ships in the mod itself but rather to the number of weapons firing, especially the bullet-type (looking at you cruiser laser). I tested a large number of Interdictors, Star Destroyers and Tribe Cruisers (see design below).

name = tribe gunner
guiname = tribe gunner
hull = Tribe Utopia Cruiser hull

0 = cruiser_laser,
1 = cruiser_laser,
2 = cruiser_laser,
3 = cruiser_laser,
4 = crsr_tribe_enhanced_repair,
5 = crsr_tribe_enhanced_repair,
6 = cruiser missile multiple,
7 = cruiser missile multiple,
8 = cruiser crew III,
9 = cruiser_engine V,
10 = cruiser_engine V,
11 = cruiser reinforced power II,
12 = cruiser reinforced power II,
13 = cruiser_beamlaser,
14 = cruiser_beamlaser,

Try this design out if you have the Tribe expansion or use a similarly designed vanilla race ship in a large map in tight formation. Let me know if you do or don’t get any lag.
In my case, FPS went down to 30 or during each test when panning and zooming about while the fleets were fully engaged.
I’m not sure how to go about fixing this unfortunately. :frowning:


well,i was doing some tests on the trap scenario…
when i deployed a large number of star destroyers - no lag until the enemy started firing,then lag when looking at the enemy fleet
large number of victory destroyers - same results
in both cases no lag when looking at my fleet… but it happened to me already before and then i had no lag when looking at the enemy (non-empire) fleet

i also tried 6 interdictors and two star destroyers in the scavenger encounter map where you start surrounded,no graphic lag at all

might it be related to some weapon fire?
i have all kinds of weapons on my ships tho,so i have no idea
some of the weapons (or just one?) dont have a muzzle flash and blink a white box instead tho,that “could” be causing it but then again it might just aswell be too many coffee machines running at the same time in officers living quarters


That’s what is causing the lag. When I was trying to put corvettes in my mod as fighters I had some trouble at first because I used the wrong sprites (fighters don’t use the same sprites than cruisers and frigates) so the game showed me a white box per each ship. With only a 16 white boxes squadron, my laptop lagged a lot while watching them.

Then the fact you are seeing white boxes can only mean three things:

  1. You don’t have the proper sprite needed by the turret when shooting.
  2. The sprite needed is in the wrong directory.
  3. There’s a typo or a line is missing in the code of those turrets.

Knowing which turrets have this white box problem will help in knowing exactly what is happening. If I have some time I’ll do some tests because I also noticed the lag when some ships shot in the empire scenario.


turbolaser battery,the normal one
thats why it took me so long to find,i almost never use those :smiley:
and you were right,i was watching closely and the second they started firing,the FPS grinded to matrix-mode

i have all DLCs btw so did i mess up something with the mod or Dantalion made a typo?

and i do get some framerate drop during large engagements (i almost exclusively use projectile and missile weapons),but its more or less negligible, GSB would sooner crash from the amount of objects then dropping the FPS this low on my compy,Cliff did a good job with the engine :slight_smile:


Blast it! lol
Change blasttexture = “” to blasttexture = “” in galactic_heavy-turbolaser.txt module file.
That should fix this particular issue .
I had initially used the original mod and somehow missed this turret when I did the others. You might also notice that the frigate blaster cannon uses a red blast texture.
It can be fixed the same way as the turbolaser. I’ll get a patch up and update the archive asap.

Edit: Patch is up. Thanks for catching this bug guys. :slight_smile:


hey man,nobodys perfect :slight_smile:
i only noticed the bug cuz it was annoying enough to kick me in the face anyhow so… :slight_smile:
thanks for the quick fix, but you wont get rid of me so easily,i still want the other ships included :smiley:

ummm… the interdictor has no hull sprite now…
throws a frag in your direction


*Accepts frag and patiently waits for it to detonate.
I inadverdently changed the hull texture name while experimenting with lower resolution textures to see if it affects framerate and failed to change it back.
Remove the 2 in this line: sprite = That’ll fix it.


yup,that fixed it :slight_smile:
thanks man


Fixed the “Borg Cube” Interdictor and the hulk emmitters while I was at it so they match the texture properly now.


i noticed during failing some challenges that the turbolasers are actually pretty silent compared to other weapons…
could you make them… well… scream like a banshee :smiley:
i think that might add to the coolness factor

(and btw,i do love the fact that they fire in volleys)

please dont throw large blunt and/or sharp objects at me for posting so often :smiley:


The only blasters that scream like banshees that come to mind are AT-AT or AT-TE blasters. lol I’ll see if I can amplify the sound, but it probably won’t be by much to avoid clipping. And yes, if I can get my hands on those sounds I’ll likely implement them somehow. :smiley:


um, is it just me or is there only the interdictor cruiser in the hulls section?