Star Wars Mod Reloaded! (Unavailable)


i like startrek and its something i would want to see released at some point,but tbh i like starwars a LOT more :smiley:
starwars doesnt care about justifying how the techie mumbo-jumbo works,its all about awesomeness,coolness and combat ^^
besides,star wars capital ships seem 1000x more like Capital Ships instead of oversized corvettes,which fits right in my style

cool thing about the A-wings,and i do hope that everything will have its own proper modules to use,alltho i imagine you thought about that…
cant wait to drill some holes in those evil empire ships :slight_smile:


Yay! Rebels are coming :smiley:

That’s the reason I also like SW. I appreciate a bit of tech explanation sometimes, but it gives me headache if it surpasses certain limit. Also, lightsabers are cool :smiley:


ditto :smiley:


A fighter-sized shield module is available in the mod already, but I left it open to all races so as not to create imbalance. Besides, TIEs can be shielded, but usually weren’t to keep costs down and speed up. Astromech droids (fighter repair module) will be Republic exclusive though. TIEs wouldn’t really benefit from it anyway.
As for weapons, Concussion Missiles and Proton Torpedoes will be available to both races in all three sizes.

Technical stuff is for droids. :smiley:

True, but some battles are gratuitous enough to justify all the technobabble:


allow me to make some observations based on my near-complete knowledge of the series
please keep in mind that these observations are all true based on the startrek universe

  1. your like klingons too much
  2. sovs are supposed to be invulnerable
  3. defiants are supposed to be overpowered
  4. norexan warbirds should be so awesome it would make your eyes explode the second you saw them
    5} prometheus battleship can take on 3 warbirds at the same time and pwn them in 20 seconds

you have a lot of work ahead of you to correct the many bugs you have in that mod it seems…

yeah,i think i can live with a bit of mumbo-jumbo for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Wait till you see the Borg.
  2. So was the Titanic. They must have been built at the same shipyards. :smiley:
  3. They are, but the nature of frigates in GSB is their curse.
  4. I am not the only one thinking they need more guns?
  5. True. But in GSB it can’t separate… except when destroyed. Solution: more phasers?


For the defiant, just give it a high base power, decent number of weapon slots, and at least a penalty to one of the defense stats(shields, armor, Hull integrity). There, it’s a fragile speedster that packs a wallop. Pretty much what it seems to be in the series.


well i was more thinking about the norexan having a white line along its sprite edge lol (maybe a bit too dark also)
basically my only concerns are with that and the fact that plasma torps are supposed to be greenish and klingons use red photons,but meh… its wip anyway

my more immediate concerns are with the rebels tho,since i havent slept and im basically sitting on the forum waiting for it :smiley:


Been messing with the original mod from Ghoti as well, updated the SSD model, added the emporers flagship the Eclipse, and added/updated the rebel alliance/new republic


they look awesome :smiley: i love black color schemes
like i was saying before tho,these ships are too huge to be useful… too big shield bubble,bulky,shield regen issues… too much assets in a single item to be worth it… sure nice to look at tho :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: i meant stacking issues too but meh


I don’t think I like the red Imp insignias… makes the SSD not as menacing as it used to.


thats actually rebel insignia :smiley:
looks a bit out of place there,but i suppose they could capture one of those…


same difference. I was so tired I couldn’t tell.


In the EU they did capture one, and put the big red symbols on it.


does it really matter? i think it looks awesome either way


The red logos are for the New Republic, not the Empire :smiley:


The ship is actually called the Lusankya, and was a twin model of Vader’s Executor, It was captured after the battlle of Endor


New Mon Cal Supercruiser


It does look sorta nice :smiley:


lol ill be sure to let lucas know! this is actually canonized viscount-class star defender