Star Wars Mod Reloaded! (Unavailable)


The Republic forces have arrived… Finally! :smiley:
Check the OP for download.


okay, first of all:

REBELS/REPUBLIC ARE AWESOME!! (but the Mon Cal could be wider)

now, the problem…

Gets into a Loaded B-17, flies above Dantalion’s house


Gah! I forgot to remove the hull file for the asteroid.

Edit: Reuploaded the archive minus the evil asteroid hull. All should be relatively well now.
The Mon Calamari Cruiser only looks super wide in the movies because of the POV. The wings make it look beefier than it really is. :smiley:


I’m not even going to ask why it was there in the first place…

…okay, I’ll ask. Why was it there in the first place?


I was thinking of adding a few “live” asteroids to a scenario (on expert mode only) to spice things up a bit.


wait, asteroids? did i miss something?


Nope. I’m going to eventually add a scenario that includes them but it’ll have to be an optional thing since not everyone has the Order Expansion.


awesome :smiley:
i think im going to spend a few hours playing all the scenarios again now…


Latest update is up. Check OP for details.


Well that explains the performance problem I was getting last night. Everything works great now!


The filefront link is broken.


Casts an elaborate curse at Filefront
I have reuploaded the file. It should work now: … oaded.exe/


The file link is not working it just takes me to filefronts first page when i press download now


That’s strange. I just tested the link both in the OP and in my previous post. Both links works fine.
Were you trying to get the patch perhaps? It’s not needed if you have the mod file itself. It’s only for those who had downloaded it before I squashed the turbolaser bug (again).
Try the link in the post above and see if it works.


it did it again i click download now, wait a second then it clicks by itself over to


It should open a new window saying thank you for downloading… etc. when you press “download now” . Do you have pop ups completely disabled?


I have been to the thank you for downloading screen, but before it does anything, it switches over to Yes my popups are disabled


Try temporarily enabling pop ups and see if that helps. You might also need to click at the bar that appears at the top of the browser window to proceed with the download if you’re using explorer.


Now i’m not even getting the thank you screen, with popups on or off it just jumps to filefront news. I tried downloading something else from filefront and it does the same thing,so I have no idea whats going on


Which browser are you using?