Star Wars Mod Reloaded! (Unavailable)


Im using aol, I had no problem before downloading from filefrontso I dont know whats changed


Just in case try another browser (Internet Explorer for example) to see if that’s the source of the issue.


You can also use Mozilla Firefox and browse through Google. Fortunately, I have not been encountering yet some problems about downloading (star wars’ video games). Hope you can download what you want soon.


I finally got it to work, not sure what i did different, thank you for your help


crap it was a bad file, oh well thanks anyways


Ok. I’ve tried to repuload the file several times and for whatever reason it kept getting corrupted each time.
So I’ve decided to host the file elsewhere for the time being.
Here’s a link to a mediafire download:


Mediafire works better anyways. Love this mod!


Thanks Dantalion, had no problems with it from mediafire, not sure why i cant download from filefront anymore but thanks again great mod


The Mediafire download link seems to be broken, as neither I and a friend of mine could get it to work.
Kindly upload it somewhere decent. A personal recommendation is DropBox ( My experiences with it have been good so far, also helping in the “keeping files on multiple computers” department.


did you bundle this mod with an installer?
would it be a problem to ask you to upload it as a zip?
(so I can try to get it running on the mac version)


First I want to thank you for this excellent mod.

There two Battles where you can play against Republic and Galactic Empire and its a lot of fun!

But the other “original races” dont stand a chance against my turbolaser batteries.

Am I right that the added factions are not balanced with the rest of the game?

And how on which map can I play the dreadnoughts like the super star destroyer?

Is there an editor to build scenarios myself, or am I missing something?

This are kind of noob questions, since I am pretty new to the game!

thx for your help


-Yes, u right- u can modify the balance by yourself looking at the module txt files.

-I suposse u need to unlock em, with enough honour points (u looked at fleet hq?)-

  • No there is not such a thing, but u can modify a lot of things about scenarios (too long to explain here, u should look at the entire forum) -


i have a problem with one of your rebel cruiser venator hull
i can’t use it in other word i copied to my moded race i was just designing this ship and when i done the game crashed


I get a ERROR - FMOD{Failed to create sound} (23) File not found:…\src\GUI_Sounds.cpp 661 when any ship belonging to the Empire or Rebels starts firing


try copy every sound weapon related to the Gsb/data/sound folder


Nvm it turns out that I installed it the wrong way; I was suppose to install it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\gratuitous space battles


ok the error i have posted is my fault… i have created faulty new modules and didn’t proper rename them


I get this exact same error…can you tell me how to fix it?


nevermind I got it


Hey flamerider, please share your solution with the forum so that the rest of us can fix our saved copy of the mod, too! Thanks. :slight_smile: