Star Wars Mod Reloaded! (Unavailable)


I see that everything in the Mod is based on the Windows .dds. Would anyone mind overmuch if I attempt to port this mod to Mac. Does anyone know a good .dds to .png convert of Mac OSX… XD


Wow, that actually went way faster then I had though. The key was GraphicConverter (for OSX) by Lemke Software GmbH. This let me batch convert all the .dds images in the DATA folder in one go.

The next step was a bit tricker because of all the files referencing the .dds images. I didn’t want to encode all of it by hand and all that really needed to be changed was the extension from .dds to .png in the text files. I ended up using a combination of Automator and AppleScript to do a mass find and replace on all the text files. I’ll see about getting the workflows and scripts posted for those interested in creating Mac versions of mods.

I guess the same can be done for Mac users who make mods on their machines and then want to port to Windows.


U could just find to every file containing the “dds” extension and change it with “png” with any advanced text editor (in my case i use notepad++). I do the searchs just with the windows search feature xD. But i dunno if u can do the same on mac, i suposse u can.


Would you mind sharing it with the community afterwards? I’d love to get my hands on a star wars mod.


Would someone be able to upload the latest build of the essential files to the mod? The current download is a .exe file. My mac doesn’t like .exe files.


Hello this is my first post.

I D/Led GSB a month ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it…I also D/Led this mod…it really seems to fit well with the game.

As a tribute I made a mini Movie I made with Windows Live MM using the Attack on Corsucant scenario. Here is the link on YouTube:

See end credits for all copyrights and acknowledgements.

Let me know what you think.


Haha, very good job with the intro, the empire is a bit overpowered right? ^^

I hope one day this mode will be updated / re done. I would like to see the imperial destroyers scaled to the correct size in proportion to the other hulls xD.


Got an error…

ERROR-FMOD[failed to create sound] (23) File not found.
:…\src\GUI_Sounds.cpp 661

Checked thread, your solution suggested moving a file called music to the sounds directory, but it’s already there… So idk what’s causing this error. Any ideas? Is there a way to just disable the sound so that it doesn’t have to create it?

if it helps, I downloaded the installer a few days ago and everything went fine until I started a battle with one star destroyer deployed. Also, this was the first battle that I did using your ships.


Nevermind, fixed it. I downloaded the .rar version (not the installer) and realized I was pointing it to the wrong place in such a way that the weapons showed up but didn’t function correctly. I have no clue how I managed that but yeah…


These aren’t the updates you’re looking for:
Larger Star Destroyers (size 300) death star (500-600) Super Star Destroyer still uses the compressed method due to deployment size restrictions in vanilla scenarios [done]
Slightly larger and more durable Acclamators (HP boost) at the cost of price increase [done]
Custom bullet sprite for single, double and triple blaster shots. [done just need to finish updating code]
Custom turrets for republic and galactic empire ships [roughly 50% done]
additional custom sounds (proton torpedoes, turbolasers etc [done]
Higher speed boost bonus for YT-1300 Freighter, Corellian Blockade Runner, Imperial Viper Frigate and Republic Patrol Frigate [done]
Massive Ion cannons now cause radiation damage and use a new electroshock texture. (seems to override the original order texture but it’s not an overwrite) [done]
Massive Turbolasers have a very small, low damage flak effect allowing the Super Star Destroyer to damage or destroy some inbound fighters (swarms still eat it alive). [done]
Adding Dynamic Class Freighter (Ebon Hawk) to the Republic Fleet. [done]

Barring any interruptions these changes should be implemented and for upload in a week or so.

Oh and I seem to have forgotten a minor detail here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interceptor Frigate graphic needs some touch ups, couple ships and a scenario need coding[60% done]


That’s great news, Dantalion! I’m pleased to see this mod is receiving some long-overdue tweaks and improvements.


I just saw the vid and I must say I absolutely loved it! The sounds and the ships and the lasers, all of it!
It’s so shiny,[size=150] I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!![/size]

Great work Dantalion!


Excellent mod. Seems to do quite well against vanilla fleets but is quite fun still. Just what I needed to continue my Star Wars fix.


Just a few things left to do now: tweaking the survival scenario and need to fix some turrets not rotating correctly. Hopefully will have some time this weekend to get it done.


Oh man, oh man, Outstanding pics! i cant wait for the next release! =D =D =D

[size=90](btw, i would love to see a entry made by you in the contest, does that is possible? ^^)[/size]


Fingers crossed, should be done by tomorrow.

[size=20]Check your pm. lol)[/size]


Seems that Cliff’s server migration ( … rver-move/) ate my previous post and the update to the front page.
So, without further ado, the update is up. Again. :stuck_out_tongue:
Check the first post for details and download link.


Dantalion, congratulations on releasing this much-needed update! I have greatly enjoyed the latest version of this grand old mod.

I’ve noticed some ominous white squares on the Imperial-class Star Destroyer hull in several battles. Seems like a few damage textures for the hull itself - or for weapons loaded thereupon - are incomplete or missing. Deploy the Astromech droids, stat! :wink:


In the famous words of Darth Vader: NOOOOOOOOOooooooooo…
When do the white squares appear? I hope it’s not the turbolaser bug again…


IIRC, it was only when that ISD hull began to take internal damage. It wasn’t when firing normally with an intact hull.

Please don’t feel too badly – real boats rock, you know? When possible, we try to help one another when things suddenly go south.


Do the squares persist once damage is taken or do they flash about the hull?