Star Wars Mod Reloaded! (Unavailable)


The white squares aren’t persistent; they flash (somewhat slowly) at what seems like a constant rate of speed.


If you have white squares on the hull, where there is suppose to be damage particles, then the game does not recognise one of the emmiters
Could someone could test the following: I would do this myself, however i am at work which has a no games policy :frowning:

Look at the file Interdictor Cruiser.txt and head to the [targets] area.

Find the line
19 = 174.50,212.00,1,1,167.00,207.00,180.00,218.00,SHIP_EMMITTER_LARGE,(damage_sprite_sparks-172.00-214.00),(damage_sprite_smoke-177.00-210.00),

Change it to:
19 = 174.50,212.00,1,1,167.00,207.00,180.00,218.00,SHIP_EMMITER_LARGE,(damage_sprite_sparks-172.00-214.00),(damage_sprite_smoke-177.00-210.00),

See if that removes the white squares on the hulls when damaged or displays the particles . .
(assuming that was the ship with the white squares on the hull)


  • Acclamator Cruiser.txt
  • Hijacked Acclamator.txt
    might also have the same problem as EMMITER has been spelled as EMMITTER.

Doh, I was way too slow, Dantalion beat me to the Imperial Star typo :slight_smile:


Found the problem. The damage texture line in the ship file should read as follows:

damagetexture = Imperial Star

So just remove the 2 at the end.
I was testing an alternate damage sprite and forgot to change the code.


Honored dudes:

For what it’s worth, I applied each modder’s fixes to the relevant hulls before loading the game, and all is well. I went into battle with no shields or armor on the fixed hulls, so as to speed the obliteration along. :stuck_out_tongue: No more white squares on the Galactic Empire cruisers.

“You may fire when ready…”


So, it’s been a while since the last update. Anyone find any more bugs besides the Star Destroyer damage texture glitch Archduke Astro found?
I’m also aware that the deployment zone in “Tumble in the Asteroid Field” needs to be limited; As well as a name glitch that’s preventing Pirate Acclamators from appearing.
Let me know if there are any more bugs, glitches or balance-related issues and I’ll see about getting them patched ASAP.

Here’s some incentive to spill the beans:

Looks familiar? :slight_smile:


the belator class from the fantasy fleet mod is not the super star destroyer but the warhammer class semi super star destroyer :stuck_out_tongue: there are many other ships such as the soverighn the eclipse, viscount, meditator, mandator, tie phantom, tie defender, arc hammer, malevolance, mc102, mc108, mc80a, mc80b and alot more


I most certainly realize that the Bellator cruiser is not canon and it’s not going to replace the Imperial Executor either.
Rather, it will be used by the Outer Rim Pirates to give them something resembling a tank role ship that can also go toe to toe with Imperial Star Destroyers.
At least for a while. :slight_smile:


well then get ships from the zan consortium, the pirates use droid ships a good amount


also the bellator is not called bellator its a warhammer class and its cannon in the books :stuck_out_tongue: along with a ton of other ships


Be that as it may, I’m leaving it named as “Bellator” in the mod. It’s that or “Roflstomper Frigate”. :stuck_out_tongue:


or you could make a rofl stomper frigate then give the warhammer class to the empire XD that would be lols to see what you make O_O


Now picture it in space. lol


. . . well i guess that train will run over my computer XD


Amusingly enough, that’s not even a railway locomotive – it’s a steam tractor! :slight_smile: Those rear wheels sure put the “stomper” in Roflstomper, though!


then where is the rofl from then? or was that somthing dantalion said just to make it seem funny :smiley:


It’s a German steam tractor, obviously. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna have to try modding some into GTB now.


I put my buddy in the game for giggles one time to show him I could:D

He then promptly asked me to put boobies in space…


Another Steam Powered Roflstomper

Tracks? where we are going there are no tracks!


Back to the future! =D


I think I got gypped. My history class must have skipped the chapter on AT-ATs. :wink: