Star Wars Mod Reloaded! (Unavailable)


Looks like an AT-SE to me. :wink:


[-chuckle-] All Terain - Steam Engine
Maybe these need to be in the GTB forum ?

Anyways, to get teh topic back on track - any sneak peaks at what is next for this mod Dantalion ?


Besides adding the Bellator to the pirate faction, mostly balance and bug fixes as well as at least one more scenario.


well what weapons does that thing have anyways O_O maybe it has steam blasters and maybe its contructed in a very far away universe in a galaxy by the emporers force market


While playing around with the designs I found that the is missing. The modules that used it would flash as a white square when firing. Simple fix was to change to


My game crashes when I try to save a layout on one of the newer hulls

help? D:


actually its a traction engine ^-^


Hahaha, cute. As the old song goes, “You say ‘to-MAY-to’, I say ‘to-MAH-to’; you say ‘po-TAY-to’, I say ‘po-TAH-to’…”, etc. :stuck_out_tongue: At least we agree that beastie was never meant to run on rails! :smiley:


Greetings. Can you please be more explicit about the nature of the error, and the exact circumstances of what you were doing and how you were doing it at the time of the crash? Dantalion is going to need more data before trying to fix this.


Dantalion, old buddy, have you seen this report? Is there a permanent fix being explored for the glitch?


Oh im sure he/she/it can be way more explicit ^-^.


Hahahaha! Yes, I agree. However, that degree of explicitness is more likely to cause trouble rather than fix trouble. I keep a fairly clean forum here, and (among other things) vulgarity & obscenity are not a wise way to catch a moderator’s attention on this website. :stuck_out_tongue:


Which hull is giving you trouble?

Had no idea this issue existed because there happens to be a file in my master mod folder. :smiley:
Offending modules (notably the imperial blaster cannon) have been fixed to use a new texture already in place (turret_turbo_blast2)

Also added “Pirate Turbo-blaster Cannon”: A defensive weapon for cruisers meant to serve as an alternative to Flak Rockets.


hm, the link seems to be broken… only get this message:

Permission Denied.

This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire.

could you please fix that?


That’s strange. Worked fine for me when I tried the link just now. Can anyone else verify this?


I tried the link just now, and got the:

“This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire.”

So, I guess that would be verification of the problem. :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because of “Star Wars” in the file name…


I tried it, and it said that the owner had set the file to private.


yeah thats right disney owns that now, and they enforcer thier copyrights


that would be… unfortunate. as if another star wars made by disney werent unfortunate enough…

is there any other way to get this mod? could someone please upload it elswhere? (with a diffrent file name?)