First of all, congrats to getting your game on Stardock. And then to that, I’d like to ask a question.
Would it be at all possible if I could get my copy attached to Impulse? Since I just saw the pre-order on their service I’d like to have it on there to keep it up to date and on my list of games.

No idea. I’m not sure how that would work. You could email stardock and ask, it might be trivial. I can’t see any reason why it can’t be done.

Once a game is sold thru Stardock it usually picks itself up automatically if youve got it installed from somewhere else. At least thats been my experience with other Stardock games (Sins of a Solar and Demigod in particular).

those games are published by stardock so they will rpbly be different.

Stardock has generally said about this subject that they are willing to support this, but that to do so they will need to be supplied by the full list of serial keys, so that they can recognize valid copies that have not been bought through their system.

Really? I had the opposite response from them a while ago with Rock Legend. They said that if you didn’t buy it from them, they couldn’t put it on your Stardock account.

Stardock representative ‘Zoomba’ said the following about this in general:
“Unfortunately, no you can’t transfer retail licenses to Impulse. While we offer publishers this ability, none have taken us up on the offer yet. Believe me, I wish I could take my game library at home and hook it all up in Impulse, it would make my life so much easier.”
“You can only attach retail keys to Impulse accounts when specifically allowed by the publisher. We offer this to all publishing partners, but none have taken us up on it yet.”

So basically, they are willing to do so. But that doesn’t mean that they will do so if you, as customer, ask for the game to be put on your account. It means that if Cliffski would ask for this feature, and would supply Stardock with the list of serials numbers, Stardock would probably be willing to allow you to register your game to your account with that serial.