Stargate-Alterans[Mod][Second Release]

im no good at writing storys so il just say that this is a stargate Alterans/Ancients mod.

Update: the city ship is now 768x768,added some modules,added the aurora class hull,jumper improved,some minor stuff.

the mod includes:
the city ship(¿leviathan?)
Aurora class warship(Cruiser)

Alteran Cruiser Armour
Alteran Cruiser Engine
Alteran Cruiser Laser
Alteran Antif-ighter Laser
Alteran city shield
Alteran Frigate Armor
Alteran Frigate Shields
Alteran Repair Matrix
Cruiser Zpm
Cruiser Drone Launcher
Frigate Zpm
Frigate Drone Launcher


things to do:
more modules.
add the other races
¿remove destiny?
make some scenarios
getting feedback xD

Its a good start, but the perspective views doesnt fit very well in GSB. Only the City looks not bad in perspective, i cant say the same thing of the destiny or the jumpers. Y u make the sprites in perspective???

BTW: The download link doesnt work -.-

i was uploading it,u can download it now,i dont know why they have that perspective the image i used loooks like this .

Yeah, that image has perspective applied :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that the perspective-view images for the city-ships look great.

yeah i like the city ship the way it is,but i dont like the destiny

The city ships cool it adds to its scale but the destiny looks… Squashed!

I’v got a friend that’s got a fairly accurate 3D model of Destiny- I’ll see if I can get him to render a top view of it… I shall need to make a lot of cookies for this.

Maybe u should add the Daedalus on the landing pads on Atlantis :smiley:


That definitely will be CUTE ^^

the ancientes didnt have Daedalus class ships and for now this is an ancient mod

That would be great

I asked and he said “Can’t be fucked…” I’ll see if I can convince him otherwise- but don’t get your hopes up.

The Ancient Ship was used a lot of times as a landing zone of the Daedalus xD.

U going to limit the mod to Alteran ships?? so u planning no to add more ships than usual? (4 or 5)

Randy tell your friends to make the renders at max resolution possible :wink:

for now im focusing on the alteran ships and modules,after improving that i would star making other races, when i get to the tauri i may include Atlantis with with a daedalus

BTW, i had this render, use it if u want (Destiny’s Shuttle), i am not the author of the 3d model , i only textured it and changed some 3d parts:

This thread is getting out of control. Please keep it clean and on-topic in here, folks.

Already did- they just said “Well, if that tickles your fancy… You are one messed up perv…”

Mod updated xD

Anyone here wan’t to do the top view render? I’ll post a mediafire link to the file later.

Well, is not than easy xD. First, u must specify wat format is (3dstudio, sketchup, blender, etc) cuz not all 3d modelling programs can use all the 3d model files. Second, wath render engine u used, so if we are lucky and have the same render engine, we can make a closer top view render of the isometric view (that is awesome by the way). Third, if the textures u used are the ones that the original author left in the model or u just added textures (in that case u will need to add the textures to the file too so we can use em).

After all of this, since is too hard to make good top views render (u will need to be a expert render user) we can only just make render top views changing some parameters, but since i am not a pro 3d model renderer and u Randy are far far better render user than me (i dont understand y u dont make the top view render, since u are almost a pro renderer xD) y not u keep making the top view renders?

I have all the 3d models required, i mean (the city, aurora, destiny, jumper, advanced jumper, destiny’s shuttle, another ships that i cant even remember the name, etc). The problem is we need to texture em, and in high polygon models, that is complicated (a lot of time is required). But we can get top views of all of em. But lets get started with the aurora class…

BTW, i think the aurora model i have is less detailed than that one.

EDIT: LOL, yea i looked into it and the aurora i have is crap compared with the model u posted, heres a quick top view render xd: