Stargate Hulls

These downloads are no longer available. They were outdated, and incomplete. I will release a new mod package containing the Daedalus, Excalibur, and F-302 as well as three additional ships all updated to work with the new engine glow settings, and as a completely new race.

For anyone who just wants a ship with lots of firepower don’t forget to check out my Rebel Orbital Platform here… viewtopic.php?f=23&t=3639 .

for some reason I can’t seem to find the data\bitmaps\ships\rebel folder. if it not a problem please explain how I should find that folder

it should be easy, just go to the Gratuitous Space battles beta folder (NOT under My docs), go to data, and bitmaps should be the second thing you see in the folder. it’s a folder itself. once you open it, find ships, (easy to find, also a folder) and go to rebels. (also a folder) Then, place the excalibur folder with the dds files inside into that folder.

Daedalus and F-302 have been added. See first post.

Awesome! I was waiting for an F-302. Those things are awesome!

It appears that everyone is enjoying the ships without any problems since there haven’t been any complaints. I’m going to have this Wednesday off from classes so hopefully I’ll be able to get the Ares cruiser and possibly Tempest frigate hulls ready to go. Once those are out it’ll just leave one more hull to do, and then I’ll start work on the module pack and complete Tau’ri mod package. If anyone has any ideas for Tau’ri specific modules tell me and I’ll see what I can do, or if anyone has some already made post them up! Currently I have cruiser rail guns, fighter missiles, and an Asgard beam weapon. I’ve got plans for a few more. An Asgard computer core that will give a big targeting boost, but at a substantial energy cost. An Asgard power plant that will produce a large amount of power, but will be expensive and heavy. I will also have some Asgard shields, but haven’t yet decided whether to make them low resistance/high points, high resistance/low points, or slow recharge/high points.

Any comments/suggestions are encouraged.

when are you gonna release your other mods? I’m running out of hulls to port in…

Unfortunately I’ve been incredibly busy with school (finals suck), so it will be a little while before I’m able to finish the rest of the ships. My best guess is sometime after the 27th since that’s when I should finally have plenty of extra time.

damn. ok…

I did everything you said, put the txt folder into data/hulls/rebel and put the excaliber folder into data/bitmap/ships/rebels but the ship isnt in the game, why isn’t it working?

look harder!

Thank you for sharing
Made minor changes slightly :slight_smile:

OMG… you know, i have a sound somewhere that would go nicely with those huge beam lasers you got there… somewhere… aha! (30 KB)

I have just created a hull :slight_smile:

I will not upload attachments …
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If you like this hull, then you can go here

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