Stargate Tau'ri Race Mod - Module Pack Released

Okay, as I promised here is the module pack that I’ve thrown together… 'ri Module (14.8 KB)
I’ve got the folder laid out correctly so all you have to do is copy/paste it into your GSB folder, and tell it to merge everything.

I have done basic balancing to make it so that nothing is super overpowered, but haven’t really gotten too deep in making sure they were perfectly balanced with the game.

This module pack contains the following modules:
Ancient Shield
Asgard Ion Generator
Asgard Plasma Beam
Asgard Shield
Tau’ri Cruiser Railgun
Tau’ri Drone Launcher
Tau’ri Frigate Railgun
Tau’ri Heavy Rail Cannon
Tau’ri Ion Engine
Tau’ri Nuke Launcher
Tau’ri Replication Unit
Tau’ri Replication Unit+
Zero Point Module

The initial Mod is available.

It can be downloaded at {Media Fire} or {RapidShare}.

This release includes:
•The Tau’ri race.
•6 Hulls
-Excalibur Battleship
-Daedalus Cruiser
-Ares Cruiser
-Tempest Frigate
-F-302 Fighter
-F-322 Fighter

As some people have noticed the original mod has a very overpowered version of the Excalibur hull file included. I have found the correct hull file however, and have uploaded it here. If you want you can replace the one in the mod with this one, or if you’d prefer you can keep the overpowered one. If you want to replace it you’ll first need to delete ALL previous ship designs that used the original Excalibur hull from GSB. Once you’ve done that simply copy the attached text file into the tau’ri/data/hulls folder, and overwrite the original.

I am now working on the next update to the mod.
Here’s what’s done so far:
Wraith Battlecruiser
Wraith Corvette
Wraith Cruiser
Wraith Destroyer
Wraith Destroyer 2 (no name yet)
Wraith Destroyer 3 (no name yet)
Wraith Dart
Tau’ri Achillies Cruiser
Wraith Hive Ship
Wraith Bomber

Wraith Hive Laser (with correct sound)
Wraith Organic Armor
Wraith Organic Regenerator
Wraith Drone Bay
'ri (1.56 KB)

Welcome back, dude! We appreciate your efforts, and look forward to seeing this mod when it’s finished to your satisfaction. I don’t know how totally out of the loop you may have been over the winter but there’s quite a few more races (official and otherwise) available. I’m happy to see another. :slight_smile: Variety is indeed the spice of life!

The mod has now been released.

start a battle whit mod

press print screen

start paint

use Ctrl+V

upload immage

post immage


  1. Learn to spell or at least find something that can spell check for you.
  2. GSB saves all print screens in the GSB folder in your My Games folder.
  3. The mod is a minuscule file that takes about one second to download, and about two minutes to install or remove. If you’re to lazy to do that then don’t bother downloading it. If you really want to see what the ships look like simply put any ship name into Google followed by Mallacore (artist who created them), or you could you know stop wasting everyone’s time complaining about a few pictures and try the thing.
  4. Just in case it wasn’t obvious in the amount of time it took you to write your previous post you could have downloaded the mod, installed it, and seen what they looked like for yourself.

lol owned

nice mod,i would really like to see the Tau`ri weapons in it tho,like railguns and asgard beam guns :slight_smile:

you think you might add other stargate races in the mod later on? that would be great

and just for the record… Excalibur is WAY overpowered :smiley:

Hm… I was wondering about that. I originally had it balanced against the regular ships (alliance, rebels, etc) so that each Excalibur would be equal to 2.5 cruisers loaded with the same weapon types. I think what may have happened is before I stopped working on the mod originally I may have started testing a different hull file for the Excalibur that overpowered it. Probably to see which would win my Rebel Orbital Station or an Excalibur, or some other crazy test. I guess I just didn’t switch it back.

Meh… I’ll fix it in the next update when I add the weapon modules. Until then enjoy your uberships! (Or of course you can edit the stuff yourself if you don’t want to wait.)

Anyways I do plan on eventually adding a few other races to the mod; however, it is much harder to find good images to make the ships out of for any race other than the Tau’ri. So far I’ve managed to get a Fighter, Bomber, and possibly a City Ship for the Ancients. I’ve gotten a frigate and a cruiser for the Asgard. A frigate for the Goa’uld. A fighter and a cruiser/possible battleship for the Ori. A two possible cruisers and a fighter for the Wraith.

Of course these are just what I’ve stumbled upon while looking for the Tau’ri ships, so they may be easier to find once I’ve started actually looking.

well its not extremely strong considering the price tag… more like the fighters i supported it with are :stuck_out_tongue:
i only tested it in like 3 or 4 battles on various setups anyway, but 3 of them were able to hold out against a dozen frigates and 5 fed cruisers (the big ones with 3 nacelles whatever theyre called) or something like that

dont get me wrong,i like overscaled superhuge superexpensive superships (lol)
but on the other hand,GSB stacking penalty with multiple modules makes it extremely hard to use such ships… i found that while the excalibur for example has a ton of hitpoints because of sheer module amount and it can “fairly” tank with hull/armor,it just simply cant have stronger shields than other ships to match its size… fitting more than 4 shields is highly questionable at best…

would be best if the stacking penalty was configurable individually for each ship

Yeah. Really the only way to fix that shields and armor are to tweak the hull bonuses for each.

hey creator put alot more modules on the daedlus and i will give you a asgard beam weapon i made :smiley:

1: NO :stuck_out_tongue:

2: good, post them here

3:I am a busy man >=P

4: Are the hulks still terrible?

for gods sake dont argue about something this stupid :stuck_out_tongue:
if you HAVE to argue,atleast argue about something constructive,like the best sexy wallpapers site on the intranetz,that way we can get something out of it :smiley:

anyway…Woden, any nice updates on the mod? post a screenie or two if ure testing the nice weapons already :slight_smile:

Woden, the Excalibur can (by itself) take down whole fleets if correctly designed. I made one with ROCKETS (I tell you) and it still destroyed foes worth more than its value. Are you sure it should be 17 standard modules and 38 hardpoints?

it should be the other way around if you ask me… but then again i`d have problems figuring out what equipment to install other than a thousand hull/armor reps :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the hulks still suck because I haven’t had the time or patience to look at the system and get them working right yet.

No new updates yet. I haven’t had the time between finding another job, school, and family visits. Hopefully I’ll find time this week to create and balance a few Tau’ri/Asgard modules, but that won’t be until at least Thursday night or Friday.

As I said It seems I placed the wrong version of the Excalibur hull file into this mod (heh… it was 1am when I threw it all together!), and so it is very much overpowered. The correct hull file has been added to the initial post.

the new excalibur has the wrong kind of engineglows :stuck_out_tongue:

it says “STANDARD” instead of the enginedebris crap and blah blah blah…

anyway, the new one has no engineglows.

I knew I had overlooked something. Switching the files out was just too easy. The correct correct file is now uploaded :slight_smile:

That’s much more balanced now, but still incredibly powerful (it may be too powerful still). But now it has no visible engine glow.

So far, I like the parts of the mod. I’m not a huge fan of Stargate but the variety and difference in bonuses reminds me of a different Federation-type faction.

I would recommend re-downloading the hull file. I updated it with the correct engineglows from the overpowered hull file.

Well I just found a ton of stargate ship images for a number of different races, so I will be able to add a few more races eventually. The problem is of course that I don’t have a whole lot of extra time right now, and won’t until I’m done with classes in late May or early June. When I do get to work though I will be adding the Wraith as a race with 1 Battleship, 2 cruisers, 1 frigate, and 2 fighters. I will also be adding the Aschen with 2 cruisers, 1 frigate, and 2 fighters. Each race will have its own set of modules, and all that extra stuff.