Stargate Tau'ri Race Mod - Module Pack Released

wow,cool :stuck_out_tongue:
hey man it doesnt have to be fast,as long as it gets done and its good :smiley:
and what i`ve seen from your work so far,i think i dont have to worry about quality ^^

just make sure theres a lot of gratuitous explosions evil grin

my a HUGE stargate fan and i love your mod is really cool please make more :slight_smile:

I’ve downloaded your mod and I must say I’m impressed with what you’ve made as far as ship images

but I’ve encountered serious problems that prevent me from actually using any of them

in the ship design screen, with a select few exceptions of the plasma launchers EVERY image is nothing more than a simple white box.

furthermore a turret a friend has sent me which works FINE on all the other programs causes a turret mapping error that shuts the game down when I try to place weapons on one of your ships.

If you can suggest potential means to correct the problem it would be very helpful in letting me actually RUN what I am quite sure is a most impressive mod to an already impressive game.

I should have thought of this before, but didn’t. I am away from home right now, but as soon as I get back I will post the code required to fix it.

If you want to try it yourself its pretty simple. Just go into one of the three original race files and copy the contents listed under [turrets] to the tau’ri race file.

What basically happened was I decided to use the Tribe turret images as the turret images for the Tau’ri. Of course it didn’t occur to me at the time that not everyone has downloaded the Tribe expansion… so yeah. Just do what I said above to fix it, or wait for me to post a corrected/alternate race file.

thank you for the assistance! it works perfectly

I have to agree with everyone else though the excalibur you programed into the mod is insanely overpowered. However, in my own humble opinion that is part of the fun of using it! The fact is the model I prepared took over 13,000 points to put ONE of on the map. But to see it lumber arcross the area simply anahilating everything in it’s path…THAT is a very fun image

OMG an Stargate Mod thanks and great job… this GSB is getting better and beter

and hello i have this problem:

there so weapon pic here and on the battlefield and the game slows down very very

getting the tribe expansion shall fix this problem. the mod uses tribe turrets.

Yeah someone else ran into this issue as well. Just go into one of the three original race files and copy the contents listed under [turrets] to the tau’ri race file. You could also buy the Tribe expansion as well, and I would actually recommend doing that since those turrets look better on the Tau’ri ships and it supports Cliffski.

yes i have all expansions now and everything works fine :slight_smile:


Failed to create texture: Tau’ri

instead of some effects there are white spots :frowning:

Yeah, I’m not sure exactly what is causing that as the Ares used the EXACT same initial file as the Daedalus, and all the damages stuff is exactly the same. I’ll look into it once I’ve started working on the mod again which should be within the next two weeks.

i just watched yesterday Stargate SG-1 9th season episodes when the first wave of ORi ships came trough the Super Gate and the battle inspired me to use The Ares Cruiser Hull as Ori ship hull. I have even made the Ori beam weapon :D.

Are you planning to ralease some Ori, Asgard Gouald ships and some frigates maybe:?:

Yes, I will be adding a few more races; however, they won’t be Ori, Asgard, or Goa’uld. I’m planning on adding the Wraith and the Aschen ( as those are the two I have descent images of. It’s actually pretty hard to find good images of any of the Stargate universe ships. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a few more good ones though.

The Aschen? Is the last race I would have ever thought that would be added to this mod lol.

I hope you find soon some goa’uld top view renders, I’d love to blow up stuff with some Ha’tak ships :smiley:

Yeah I’ve found a few of them, but the issue is the size. The largest image I’ve found that is of any quality is 100x100 pixels. I may just end up going to different mesh sites, and asking someone to make a top view of one of their models for me. It may take longer, but at least it will look good. If I weren’t out of the job I would just pay someone to make a few for me, but since I’m finally transferring to a 4 year college and lost my job in March I don’t have any extra cash.

you know, i never used to be interested in modding, now i that there is a 52 module ship, i am in

52 is nothing. You should see what I’ve done just for fun. Actually let me check how many points it has on it… 180. I literally have to use a text editor to equip weapons because they are all overlapping. Each ship costs about 40,000, and takes forever to die. I haven’t yet created a disruptor version of it, and I’m not sure I want to. They would simply be unstoppable if that happened.

and this is exactly why i have fallen into the trap of falling in love with OP ships. Though i think (read:know) you are right about texting modules in. even in the excalibur i have trouble putting them all in. remind me to learn how to mod usefully

i have found it the problem is is the space between Tau’ri Ares(here is one space) Simple isn’t it

Would it be possible to add radiation damage to the nuclear missiles and make the explosion effect brighter/larger? I’ve been having lots of fun with this mod. I currently have this one and the star wars mod installed and really enjoy nuking Imperial Star destroyers. :stuck_out_tongue: