Stargate Tau'ri Weapons

As Of now this mod is officially closed Intel Woden501
adds one of the new races to his mod at that time
All think about adding weapons For those races
But until then will be no further updates to the mod :slight_smile:

If you want to download the most recent version you can hear’ri%20Weapons.exe

why dont you list all three?

Thats not a very good reaspon mate

Thanks for the feedback all be sure to change that right away thanks a bunch
o yeah i love all your mods jake Keep on making them :slight_smile:

I redownloaded the files and saw that you have already fixed the errors with max/min range.
Your salvo on the MOD_tauri_gun.txt is still to large. The salvo will not finish before the next one is ready

fire_interval = 50 <-- change this to 30 so the salvo will finish before the next round is ready
salvo_size = 50  <-- or change this to 30 . . that way there is a 500 interval between bursts
salvo_interval = 2000

The other thing is the spelling - You still have:
description = “A Rallgun for all Tau’ri ships”

where it should be:
description = “A Railgun for all Tau’ri ships”

But that is just being picky

ok Thanks all be sure to fix that right away

I’m going to get Photoshop soon so I can edit all of the DDS files
The first thing I’m going to do is make the asgard beam laser blue instead of red
And I’m also going to start on drones as soon as possible I’ll be updating
the link wen ever I update the files i will tell once I added drones and changed
the beam laser color :slight_smile:

You can just use Paint.Net (

Thanks for the link! I can really use this for my custom modules I am working on.

Wow awesome thanks Jake now i have a program I can use to edit the DDS files
now all be able to create new ships and races thanks a bunch jake :slight_smile:

I just realized that there is a blue version of the beam
So i don’t even have to make one

a have a update on mod is now in V1.0’ri%20Weapons.exe

I added missiles and fixed the Asgard beam weapon unfortunately I could figure out
how to add drones I’d try using rockets and missiles I even tried using
a quantum blaster as a template i just could get the results I wanted
So I scrap the idea

there probably won’t be any more updates Intel
Woden501 releases the Wraith or Ascen as a playable race in the
Next version of his mod but if anyone has any suggestions on how
to balance the weapons out a bit more bill free to tell me all go right ahead and update
them thanks :slight_smile:

How Do these ‘Drones’ Work Exactly

If they are Like Suicide Things that Follow Ship 'round then use a Missile Launcher with A Large Rocket Turn Speed

The Drones swarm around the ship and try and attach to enemy fighers. Once attached they slow that fighter down.

Have you tried the Tractor Beam?, You Might be able to Change the Texture to Some of these ‘Drones’

The Drones were basically Ancient missiles. In the show they would simply rip through any and all ships in their way, and continue on to the next ship. In GSB I would say I would make it a rocket, but since we aren’t yet able to change the rocket textures that wouldn’t work. Also since they wouldn’t actually be able to pass through the enemy I would suggest making it a rapid fire/low damage rocket with high shield penetration and average armor penetration.

ok I’ll do it that way thanks oh by the way
i love your mod woden keep on modding man

I totally misunderstood the question . . when you said drones i was thinking of the “Order Drones” not the “Ancient Drones”
In that case then, as mentioned earlier use a missile with high velocity and turning speed, maybe create a yellow flare

Here’s one that I came up with real quick while messing around with the rockets, and it actually looks a lot more like drones than I thought it would.


unlockcost = 0
lockable = 0
armour_penetration = 20
category = “WEAPONS”
classname = “SIM_MissileModule”
cost = 94
crew_required = 4
damage = 15
decoy_release_range = 450
description = “Atlantean drones have the ability to pass through any known shield technology
with ease, and have the numbers to quickly reduce any enemy to a amourphous blob of radioactive
space debris in mere seconds.”
fire_interval = 400
flareuvid = 2
fuel = 1100
guiname = “Tau’ri Drone Launcher”
has_decoys = 0
has_flare = 1
has_splines = 0
hitpoints = 95
icon = turret
min_range = 100
max_range = 800
missilelength = 6.0
missilespeed = 0.40
missilewidth = 1.8
name = “drone launcher”
powerconsumed = 10
shield_penetration = 70
size = “CRUISER”
sound = data/sounds/missile_launch.ogg
soundpriority = 0.25
soundvolume = 0.23
tracking_speed = 1.5
turnspeed = 1.2
turret_sprite = “turret_miss_v2”
turretsize = 11.0
warhead = EXPLOSIVE
weight = 122
slot_type = TURRET
uisortpos = 1160

0 = cost,DECIMAL
1 = weight,DECIMAL
2 = hitpoints,DECIMAL
3 = powerconsumed,DECIMAL
4 = max_range,DECIMAL
5 = damage,DECIMAL
6 = fire_interval,INTEGER
7 = tracking_speed,DECIMAL
8 = shield_penetration,DECIMAL
9 = armour_penetration,DECIMAL
10 = crew_required,INTEGER
11 = min_range,DECIMAL
12 = has_decoys,BOOL
13 = missilespeed,DECIMAL

Wow that’s pretty nice to be sure to implement it now