Starting Off GSB

Greetings, first time poster here. Just bought everything GSB, including the GC expansion. I played the GSB demo some time ago, but never pursued the full game due to other games coming out. But recently I heard of GC and having a meta-map campaign being made, and I was sold at that point. I love meta-map campaigns, including ones found in games like Dawn of War Dark Crusade, Dawn of War Soulstorm, the Total War series and Sins of a Solar Empire, and hearing GSB getting one was exciting. For me, anyway.

Of course, I found it trying to jump into the campaign when the majority of the tech still locked doesn’t seem like a good idea. So I may have to stick with playing one-shot battles to earn more “cash” to buy more powerful techs and hulls. I don’t suppose there’s some sort of “noob guide” to GSB that I can look over to gain a further understanding in the nuances of GSB so I can become at least an advanced maker of ships to gain more currency and prepare to conquer the galaxy?

Welcome! It is a great game - have fun.

If you search far enough back, there is a good one in the forums here. Play a bit, then ask questions - lots of people here will help you through.

Welcome aboard, Captain! There is a noob starter - but more than that its pretty advanced too.

For the campaign you might want to look at this before starting.

And I hope to see your fleets in the campaign (and of course SQUASH them :)). Have fun!