Starting vote


Just purchased Democracy 3 and overall am enjoying the game. One aspect that seems unrealistic, however is the lack of initial voter support. Is it possible to start the game with a certain voter percentage? If so, where should this be modded.

The party would have required voter support to be elected and it is unrealistic (in a democracy) to have a party winning an election and having zero votes or zero membership the following day.

It’s not really unrealistic, people often vote for a party that they don’t like for the sake of a “better than the other guys” viewpoint.

In the US that’s all we do.

Yeah, I noticed. You guys really need to start voting for 3rd parties. The two current packs of clowns have figured out that if they agree to rob the people together, nothing can be done to stop them. It’s like 80s wrestling, on camera they hate each other, off camera, they’re just businessmen in a cooperative arrangement that involves a lot of acting.

Wow, I love that simile. That’s fantastic. I’ll start using that.

Your cynical point of view can be applied to any political system. Isn’t a coalition government much the same? I think you’re being overly nationalist here.

Voting for third parties in the US doesn’t really make sense–the first-past-the-vote voting system encourages people of similar ideologies to band together in a single party. That’s why the Democratic Party and Republican Party each have a wealth of individual variety within them, more so than in other countries where people of moderately different ideologies tend to be split up into different parties.

It’s not just about which party is in control, but who is in that party. The primaries make a very big difference in the US.

Even if the part was seen as the lesser of two evils, it would still have a base level of support. It would be unlikely for a party that could form government in its own right to suddenly find itself with zero members and zero electoral support the day after the election.

Australia has essentially a two party system and even with the presence of other parties, the majors receive at least 30% electoral support.