Startship Tycoon 2018

I’ve just purchased Starship Tycoon after seeing a video and recommendation on YouTube for a new Simulation game for 2018…
I downloaded the program and find that the screen resolution is all over the place, I can’t access the Pause button refred to in the tutorial and there are links all over the screen that don’t work. Have I been misled?

I reinstalled the game from a CD I purchased at Target many, many years ago and ended up experiencing the same problem. Looked for an .ini file that might be modified, but no luck there. Running in XP/7 compatibility modes also did not help.

Would really appreciate it if someone has found a fix for this

I just installed the demo, and found that I didn’t have the resolution problem, and had the option to run in Full Screen mode. Is there a patch to update my copy of the game?

I see there has been no official response to these posts. Obviously this game is not supported and is a rip-off

Just downloaded and tried the Demo vesrion. Still have the same resolution and display issues.