State Industry isn't working

I think it’s somewhat ridiculous how little State industry does.

I am aware that the developer naturally argues that it comes at the expense of some inefficiency to nationalize industrial branches, but for example the Water Indsutry by itself doesn’t counter the Water shortage event and the National Railway Industry doesn’t improve rail-usage.
I haven’t tried the Electricity Industry nationalization Policy because my game crashed before i could, but i would believe it probably doesn’t further Energy efficiency or anything of the sorts like it should.

I like the one-off Cost thing though.

Interesting points. I guess at the high end of the slider both of those effects need to be in there. I’m concerned at the reference to a crash though, what seemed to trigger it? We had a cabinet reshuffle crash earlier but I fixed it, and even quickly updated the installer (to 1.02a)

Thanks for responding so quickly,

The trigger of that crash was that i clicked on something titled ‘security’ which popped up as a result after chosing an option in a dillema. I’m not sure which dillema it was though.

I would argue, that even a medium funded Public company should be able to deliver these results, albeit with a financial inefficiency. Also it’s strange having national industry there would completely destroy private industry. The government could also just have a certain share of that particular industry. The higher you set the slider, the more private industry should suffer, like when funding public schools and Public Health.

aha, ill look into the security bug.

The reasoning with the current system is that its based on nationalisation in a wholesale fashion, where the government literally buys all the shares of all the water companies, or electricity companies outright, meaning the old industry companies no longer exist. You can then fund them adequately, badly or expensively (effectively subsidizing those industries and running them at a loss). I’ve added putting in the suggested effects to my todo list.