statistic help

I am trying to make a stat that shows the amount of industry under state capitalist control, state socialist control, direct workers control(non-state socialist), and market capitalist control. However Stats can only have one line/value is there a way to get around this?


ive already done that for one of my mods soon to be released, the state controlled industry part. all you have to do is go through policies which you think will increase state control or increase worker control. However increased state control would decrease worker control or maybe the other way around. If you email me the mod, i might at some point do that for you. But all the policies/stimulations would need to be finished first

email is,

well these are 4 values, state capitalist, market capitalist, state socialist, and direct socialist.


these are not 2 forces “state and market” this is “state socialist, state capitalist, market capitalist, non-state socialist.”