Status message weirdness

I’ve noticed a couple of weird things with the PC’s status messages:

  1. I’ve started to get occasional updates on my timeline that just read ‘desc’. There’s a blank line underneath which can be highlighted like a link, and when clicked on takes me to my current job (Commander’s Assistant, if that’s relevant) on the career screen.

  2. Having got a pass for Omega bar, I tried to go a couple of times for the canapes event (though failed, as none of my friends had the right interests; not sure what the right thing to do here is as I have to invite someone but no-one is highlighted as interested, but this may just be something I’ve not worked out yet). This puts an event status as usual on my timeline, but the status message is just blank. Similar to above, the blank line can be highlighted and clicked, and links to the event details in the same way as clicking on the ‘(click to view event)’ prompt would.